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09 January 2016

Jan 04 2016 - Week in review on Jan 09

So it is Saturday. I was in New York this week on business and had to travel on Monday and and Friday.

Activities - Strava Logs (not linked as URLS on purpose, please copy and paste if you are starve stalking me :) )

Activity 1 -
Activity 2 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 2 -
Activity 1 -

Family Run - before
Activity 1 -
Activity 2 -
Activity 3 -
Activity 4 -

So, I was quite nervous about my weigh ins. But I think I did alright as you will see below. I had minimal meat and some cheese on the plane flight home on Friday morning.

Saturday morning pre-run 198.3
Saturday post runs 197.3

So, the overall difficulty of returning to travel has begun. One evening, and I didn't list it here I ran following the A and 1 lines. It went from about 48th street into washington heights. I will record it better next time. I figure I will run in the evenings up to and just past Central Park. The problem is trying to locate sensible and healthy eating options around times Square.

The Sweet RUN
Liz, my wife, wanted to coordinate a run with friends and well to her credit she did. Last week int he event via Facebook it looked like it may flop, but with a little help from some friends, we ended up with 22 participants not including my wife, myself and Juniper. I ran 3 total loops and the first mile I went after it. It was great to hear from a few friends I admire as local runners come up and say "you have gotten fast". I feel like my form is coming together and I am finding a new stride and form. We are grateful to a crazy group of runners, and many of them are considered friends. It was great to catch up with Babette and Chuck, and Don. The surprise was our friend Adrian, and he used it as an opportunity to support the Altra Altra Runningbrand he represents, that was so unexpected, and so very cool - Thanks Adrian. Everyone said it was fun, we brought about 25-30 but worth of sweets and it went over well. We are grateful to our great community of runners and a great and simple way to break into 2016 together.

Simple video of the Sweet Run participants



Casual Mingle, why are we doing this?

Let's get ready to run and be nimble!

Reflections of the week
So my wife was right. I added weights this week, a month earlier than I had planned. And the results to form and pace and hopefully my weight are undeniable. That being said, she was right, and I don't give her enough credit. I try to support her often and in all things. Me and my stubborness, hopefully she will keep me around regardless. This week took a lot out of me without good sleep patterns. In my business side of things, many of the work days were long and productive. I am working with an institution that has brilliance, but has relied on hiding behind fat budgets that over time have corrupted business practices. One of the major complications is that I need to change lodging locations, and the Hilton at times square has a great gym. Will see what the future holds.

Liz had a stressful week with Juniper, our newborn, and with Dennis our 10 year old she was at her wits end by the time I returned. So stressed out that, we went for a run together, see embedded video above. In the end, grateful for our small family, for the blessings and comforts we have and grateful for the opportunity to be loved by them. I am grateful to be able to train for my second 70.3 Ironman. I have a swim left to do tonight and will add that soon enough. phew! What a week! This is normal! Woohoo!!!

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