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26 October 2015

Knee exercises

Follow the pictures, do each 2 or 3 times a day...

I was strongly encouraged to rest for 3-4 weeks (not possible for all athletes but may be helpful) - no runs (Dr Ordered after my 70.3 Ironman).... So, while resting and after recovery this is the pt... He also gave me about 10 more exercises....I did start pedaling after about 10 days of complete no activity, but did not run for 4 weeks....

If the knee was warm to touch and no structural or muscle damage (the repairing enzymes in the knew, cartilage and muscles cause the heat sensation)

- Dr. also started me on these supplements/meds for 6 weeks: -- Naproxen/aleve - at least 200 MG a dose - take in the morning and the evening before bed for swelling and inflammation management

-- osteo bi flex generic from sam's club -- 3500 mg a day - which is two pills 3 times a day for 4 weeks, then to maintenance dosing - 4 pills total a day for two weeks, and normal 2 pills a day on non-activity days (honestly I just normally take 2 morning and 2 before bed); fast forward to April 2016 - i take for a week normal dosing when I feel any stress, note not pain.

The Dr. put it like this, the knee is like a lonely violinist or flutist when expecting a full orchestra/symphony...the knee can meet over 23 angular planes...but who goes to the gym to work on a great hip abductor....

Do the following exercises after noonish - so the blood in your body is circulating, 3 sets of each exercise 12 - 18 reps each, do multiple times a day at first. Over time you can taper down. Currently in April 2016 I do these exercises one time a week and 2 sets with 15 reps each. Hip Abductor exercise I also do in the pool.

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