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11 August 2010

My apple is a PC post

ok..more explanation to my reasonings....
My apple/macintosh elitist/PURIST view:

First, let's be clear and clarify some confusion, a macintosh is a personal computer (PC)....

Next to the Operating System (OS) choices -
PC's can use various OS's, most common are currently Win(x), *Nix systems....*Nix includes Unix, Linux, OSX (based on OpenBSD if I remember right)...

So, it has been proven that apple/macintosh hardware configurations such as a macbook pro outperforms other pc configurations supposedly optimized to run windows (various benchmarking methodologies persistently prove this). Interestingly enough, OSX, Win(x) and Linux all can be run using apple/macintosh PC's in standalone, in a multiple boot option or virtualized using OSX ....

So back to answering your question. If you spend a little more money on an apple hardware personal computer laptop known as a macbookpro you will be able to have OSX as its operating system, you can then choose to run OSX (Apple Macintosh) only, have multiple boot configurations or use virtualization tools such as virtualbox (opensource free) to meet your win(x) dependencies and other requirements....the only other question to ask yourself is what applications do you need and what do you want to spend your money on. I firmly believe any person using OSX can find a myriad of mature opensource applications to use to justify spending more for an apple laptop. Further the real question is why are you still reading my post and not buying that macbook pro yet?

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