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24 August 2010

Past thoughts from linkedIn profile
I am not pro-Kaplan, but the statement in this promo is spot on....Every time I play it I am re-energized to pursue what I know the system of Higher Education can become and offer....

Upon reflection, my goal is to find a Registrar's Office in a campus that wishes to be progressive. An office looking to lead the charge into the new era of Higher Education in the United States and the world in their campus community. An environment that appreciates innovation, calculated risks, admires opinions from all view points, and is conscientious of data driven measurements while buffered with common sense and doing what is right. An environment with the will to learn through iterative processes to mold them a better tomorrow. An environment that partners with all the various communities they serve and hopes to provide excellent responses to their needs and leadership where it is required.

I'd like to discover an environment willing to trust its subject matter experts and actually trust students in the decision making process. If we don't provide the future leaders of tomorrow with an environment to experiment, learn, grow, make mistakes and engage in the improvement process, Higher Education will naturally decline through an attrition it won't ever overcome.

I know I am an idealist, but it is time to evolve and discover our new tomorrows and we MUST start today!

Father and husband to my wonderful wife and zany little boy!

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