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Evangelical Fallacies

Disambiguation and the construct of Poor Arguments

Have you ever gotten more upset with the guy trying to argue your side than the guy arguing against you, just because your ally's arguments were so poorly backed or constructed?

I am against poor logic--in arguments, in people, in life. Correcting logical errors and fallacies just takes too much energy. I would rather someone not be persuaded of the truth, than be persuaded by the wrong argument for the wrong reasons.

I dislike evangelical fallacies--they disgust me and make tired beyond all weariness. I cannot say that evangelism is bad, or that some of the truths conveyed by it are bad, but how can I support something that has no logical foundation or reasonable substance?

"Apologetical evangelism" is a great relief in a world of emotion-based arguments. It's all sickening, to witness what is taking place around me and to explain.

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