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  • Wellsville mountains run.
  • Tree in field with blue sky.
  • Amazing sunrise moment

Who is Zentriathlete?

Who Am I?

Husband, Father, Endurance Sports & other zany activities (Triathlon - Running, Cycling, Swimming, hiking, exploring, resting when I remember).  I strive to be healthy and fit enough to see each of my kids complete an endurance distance triathlon (70.3 or 140.6) should they choose to follow my lifestyle and passion.  I am an active temple attending member of a faith-based community (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).   I am a professional IT Consultant (since June 2010) - 'be amazing' is my pseudo title.  There is plenty more to me, but I feel this is a good starting point.

My Hashtags of Choice

#zentriathlete #familybalancetri #zenfamily #fitbalancehealth #lifestylenotjusttraining #buffalo50 #bear100 #walkthecliff #fearthebeard #sharetheroad #mizunorunning #roadtobuffaloandbear #roadtoimstg703 #hereicome190 #dirtbagger #trailshomework #wildrunner #wildtriathlete #voilaitri #ultra #run4fun
  • Weight
    • I range from 195 - 210 lbs depending on activity - trying to get back under 200 consistently
  • Height
    • 5 foot 11 inches
  • Age
    • 44 (Age group 45-49)


Cache Valley, Utah resident. 44 years young.   "I Play Triathlon". I travel a lot for work and enjoy being in town with family.  I tend to wear Mizuno running shoes (Wave Creation models).  I enjoy family time, training, sleeping and being with my wife and children.  Um, I should probably update this section to be more meaningful.

A beautiful and supportive wife:

I am a family guy:

A 11 year old boy:

A 2 year old daughter:

A newborn that arrived 12 Sept 2017 (32 minute delivery no less):

Current Goals/tasks/focus points while I play triathlon:

I will continue a healthy regiment of Swimming, cycling and running.  I will prepare for cycling and triathlon events.  I am trying to break the 195 - 200 lb plateau and get to a stable 190.  We have a wee one due to arrive in September until further notice.  I will continue to keep on pedaling!!! I don't often share goals. But I am trying to overcome a few things.
  •  A 50 mile ultra trail race in March (Buffalo run - Antelope Island)
  •  Another 70.3 in may (4th time in 4 years) (70.3 IM St. George)
  • Followed by a relay trail run the following weekend (Zion's Ragnar Trails)
  • Finally a 100 mile ultra in September. (Bear 100 - mut qualify with the 50 miler first)


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