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30 December 2015

2016 - In Honor of Transformation Tuesday

So I started this post back on Dec 22nd on Facebook. It is time to update it and transition it into a blog post.

so it's transformation Tuesday in a few of my groups....
I am 4 lbs away from my 195 lb initial goal....the next 15 or 20 will truly be transformative....I will post photos when I hit August 2013 I hit a bike in 2014, did a 70.3 ironman in may 2015....already training for next 70.3 ironman in may....

more transformations came in July when we had juniper join us and I slumped bac to 215 to back after it aggressively and decided a lifestyle change was in order... pretty much dairy free and post christmas back to hard sugar control....I am on the fence about sucralose...

anyway, I am excited to see dennis do iron kids again....hope liz and juniper survive ironman day, and the next weekend of Zions ragnar to figure out where to stay between ironman and trails....

bottom line, if I can do this, so can others...I am 41 with a new born....I will do my part in health to be there as long as I can...hope when I put my trust in others, they understand the passion I have for my family and the fragility of life....thanks to Liz for her patience in me....

So to the Photos

photos 1-7 -- April 2013 - August 2013 -- Shane heading up to max 242 pound mark - STREET CLOTHES








photos 8-10 -- Fitness photos April 27, 2013 -- Shane nearing the max 242 pound mark - before I hit my heaviest in August 2013 (oh no my eyes)



Measurements from mid 2014
Waist - 44 inches
Body fat % approx 26%

11 Took this wetsuit picture during measurement taking

photos 12 - 14 -- 29 DEC 2015 - Shane at 198.6 pound mark - fitness photos
Waist - 39 inches
Body fat % approx 26%




A Little background.

So, back in May of 2014 I got the itch to get a bike. I had thought about an Ironman ever since I saw that I could do a 70.3 and not the full. This is the half Ironman. When I got my bike and was researching road vs triathlon rigs, I really became connected to the idea of triathlons. I was wasting away travelling and trying to get ahold of my weight and frame. I had snuck up to almost 240lbs while heading to France and over 4 years of consulting. It wasn't me. So, I got the bike and started riding and the idea of the triathlon waned.

I was reading through some stuff as I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are a bit quirky and peculiar, but hey who isn't that is religious or faith-based. The topic was Word of Wisdom What is the Word of Wisdom?. Liz and I commonly talk about it as not being followed as well by others, but I was becoming that person. Then I came across this: 6.1 Purposes of Church Welfare (Health) . Specifically this line got me - They should obey the Word of Wisdom, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, control their weight, and get adequate sleep.

That line kicked me into gear. it was late November early December and I thought I had enough time. I began speaking seriously with liz about it, and she became my pseudo-nazi coach. Training schedules, meal plans etc were formulated and kinda followed. I concentrated on running. I ran in Connecticut in Sub-zero weather, I ran with Utah NERC's in Snow on trails that shouldn't be run on in subzero weather. I determined to get new shoes - Hoka's, and absolutely loved them. The shoes then set about ruining my knees.

We took a family trip to St. George, in hopes to get away and for me to go ride the route. It rained, and thank heavens it rained. The course is/was brutal and had I ridden it at that time, I may have put things off. So training consisted of running as often as possible and riding/spinning when I could. I was ramping up fairly well, and in March I finally started to swim. My wife got a position in the daycare at SARC and that allowed us to have a family pass, and SARC has a 25 meter lap pool. now this is where all my multi sports peers come in and say, you only swam laps.

I finally convinced Liz that I needed a wetsuit, and boy dandy did I. I was hoping to open water in Porcupine Reservoir or Hyrum Resevoir, but even after a mild winter, the 2-3 weekends I could do it, it snowed or got to sub 32 degree F weather. I was destined to swimming laps only.
For original post - Click Here!

So, here are the goals I penned before and they are still on-going

I travel a lot for work and enjoy being in town with family.... Currently riding a 2013 Kestrel Talon tri....#sharetheroad #fearthebeard...

Prepare for cycling and triathlon events....trying to break the 200 lb plateau.. wee one arrived July 3, 2015....Keep on pedaling!!!

I don't often share goals. But I am trying to overcome a few things and thought I would share. Hopefully this does not put-off anyone but may serve to burn the kindling hotter.....

Shane's Goals---

  • 1. I want to get to 190 lbs or less by my birthday next year (June 25). This is the highest level task for me
  • 2. I want to get to an 8:00 - 8:15 minute pace for 10 K to 13.1 miles -- same time frame as number 1
  • 3. I want to run Epic with Liz and other good friends - FYI i hate running relays - Other cycling/running events include - Tour de Park City, Cache Valley Gran Fondo or Logan Sprint Tri, Rockwell, MS150, Tou 13.1, Drop 13, Saints to Sinners... and whatever else Liz and I fancy
  • 4. IM 70.3 in 2016 will be St George and I want to finish under 7 hours - 2017 will be St George and Santa Cruz with my Step brother - Aaron
  • 5. I'd like to organize a triathlon for local kids 6 years to 16 year old.... I am thinking right before school starts in 2016 so middle to late August, so anyone that wants to help....just want to inspire kids to get active and not take a 20 year break like me
  • 6. Enrich friendships as I go. I know I can be a turd. I work with C-level executives in my profession (and I travel too much) and well I want cut throat to not be what I do when being athletic. So, if I have offended you by my love of cycling or anything else, kick me so I can be better, tell me to tone it back....

  • So in summary, we all start somewhere, and this is truly in mid-journey for me. I am trying to focus on my immediate nuclear family, my health, our support and support mechanisms and seeking to attain joy in the process. I am very grateful to my family. I am a grateful husband and father privileged to have my family’s support in my pursuits. I treasure my family with how often I travel and am humbled by their persistent faith in me.

    To my wife, Liz, It has been a great ride the last 13 years or's to many more and Father time being kind to you along the way. thanks for being a brilliant, and spunky firecracker of a friend and wife... much love!

    To my son Dennis - 10 years ago he brightened our family and our hearts. My boy champ. I have done everything to not live my repressed or missed dreams through you, rather let you become you. It has been a rocky and slippery road at times, but I hope we become great friends, mentors and one day peers. Grateful that you did Ironkids and spend Daddy Dennis time with me when we make time for it most Saturdays after I travel.

    You joined us a lot later than we desired but I am ever so grateful and surprised how much you complete our family. It is my hope that one day me, you and Dennis can all do a triathlon like Ironman together, yes I will be an old fart with one foot in the grave, but it is a simple dream.

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