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01 May 2016

2016 - April 25 - May 01 - Week in review

Done trained and now tapering.  Here it comes!

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(not linked as URLS on purpose, please copy and paste if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 - Rested
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 2 - Bitter cold OWS at Porcupine Reservoir - 25 yards approx 2 minutes tread...

Monday morning weigh in 188.9
Saturday post activity weigh in 188.0
Sunday Morning weigh in 188.0

Targeted Activity and Focus Points

Volume is being maintained.  Speed and comfort is where I need to be thus far as I write on Friday morning, I may make some adjustments.  On Saturday about 7 Pm or so went to Porcupine Reservoir and jumped in, no slowly moved in - went out about 25 yards, tread water for about 2 minutes and swam back in.  Major cold.

The weather has not cooperated at all and my volume is not where I want it.  I was able to get out on Saturday and kicked Sardine Canyon in the tail up to the watersheds.  No stops, one push,   I want at least one ride in my new Castelli body paint kit.

Not much to say, but I am ready and where I need to be.  I need to concentrate on not going out to fast during the event.  9:00 min/mile - 9:30 min/mile is my first 3 mile target and I can adjust after that.  My hope is I can ease into the uphill and kill the down hill and bring it home.

I ma trying my best, but I eat all the things.   So far breakfasts have been solid and same with lunches. We had BLT's on Wednesday and those were awesome.  I had potatoes and chili and tomatoes with tofutti.  I got a bit disrupted after those, so looking into the composition of the tofutti just in case.

My cheats were a milky way and a medium Wendy's frosty.  The new black bean burger at Wendy's, less the cheese and substitute ranch for may is quite tasty.

Weights and Strength
Lots of bio mechanics around the knee to not slip and have problems.  Went to complete nutrition and got new BCAA's and some V-core.  I have used V-core in hte past so I am not worried there, and the BCAA's taste like green apple fruit-cicles.

Weekly Reflections and Focus

I created a dedicated post for tracking me at the 70.3 IM St George coming up on May 7, 2016.  Click here to get tracking info - previous posting .

One of the major things that is happening is that I want to eat all the things.  I am doing well not doing so, but man, I am eating like no other, but I am maintaining my weight too.

SO, this week was a build up but still reasonable week.  I am right where I can and want to be.  My bike ride this week was really good.  My ride up from Mt Sterling to the Water sheds was great.  One of the things I am learning is how to be mindful and know my body.  I didn't do much nutrition focus, but I am confident in my plan now with liquid.  I have two water bottles for my hands and one aero bottle for straight water.  I will have one full of Skratch one full of BCAA's that Liz just got (tastes like green apple cream-cicles.).

I looked back and did a simple compare of my last ride from the mouth of the canon up and wow, I did so much better this go.  I felt a bit burned but fresh the whole way.  The most interesting part was the ride down just in front of the anticipated wind storm that never really came as strong as anticipated.  Regardless, i wasn't able to let go and get above 30 mph, but overall was safe, steady and strong.  I never realized how many birds hang out up in the Dry lake area just before the Baxter Hollow access road.

Anyway, been a bit loose on nutrition this week, and ready to focus this upcoming week.  The plan is for eggs and veggies for breakfasts Tues, wed and Thurs.  Monday will be steel cut oats.  Salads and hummus and pitas for lunches and snacks, and Liz made a great chili stew last week and we'll do that for Monday, the leftovers will supplement the egg mashups in the morning.  Wednesday dinner may be pasta, but everything else will generally just be clean and healthy.

I plan for one swim on Monday or Tuesday, and may go jump in the lake at Hyrum Resevoir - 57 degrees is much closer tot he current reported 62 degrees at Sand Hollow.

Liz and Dennis are ready to get down to St George.  We have almost 10 month old Juniper this year.  She has been our little IVF miracle and blessing.  This will be our first long travel trip and we will be going from Thursday and not returning until the following Sunday as Liz has Zions Ragnar trails relay the following weekend.  I am an alternate and shouldn't have to run, but if I do, ya, whatever, I will just get more running in.  Packing for the trip is a little up in the air and I think Liz is a bit more nervous than I am.  In reality, beyond the bike I don't have a lot of gear, most of it will fit in my suitcase or Ironman stash back from last year.  I just need to grab nutrition for the  event, 2 shaker cups and enough BCAA's and Vcore to make it through my needs.  Good thing is we are both using the same products.  I do prefer Gnarly, but sometimes you just have to survive and sacrifice a bit from preference.

All things said, I am ready.  I feel the jitters coming a bit.  Where I am nervous is still in the swim, but once I can get through that and the timing chip line, I'm ready to like a Facebook friend said - Dominate it.  I am grateful to the camaraderie and  friendships being forged through the Pathetic triathlon Group I have become a part of.  The group is not overly serious and has a great thread and community of participants.  Further, a lot of my other friends in NERC's or other friends and acquaintances have said some quite supportive things as well. Many of them are active in their own worlds, and others are just hopefully happy I will soon shut up about all this for a bit while I recover and focus on Cache Valley Gran Fondo and support my wife through some of her things, I turn to sherpa as she has done for me thus far.

The next time I write will be the recap and maybe reflections.  In the meanwhile here is a link to last years write up.

Looking at tings, I am just an average joe that was an athlete in high school and was awakened, finally I am sure my wife would quip, and decided to chase a dream.  i recalled this weekend the first time I heard about Ironman circa 1990 and watched a glimpse of it on TV.  Thinking that is absolutely crazy and awesome.  Going out to Folsom Lake and watching the USAT ITU go on and not know more than just being in awe of watching those compete and swim out off the inlet bay out to bike and run back in.  Not sure why it took me so long, But I am a 70.3 Ironman finisher and I am looking to go sub 7 hours this year.  I may even surprise myself further.

Overall, my weight difference is last year at this time approx 213-215 pre event and I am now 188.1.  That's a 23 or so lb difference.  And after the event I have a few more goals and I think I will settle in more around 170 lbs.  Time will tell.  190 lbs will be my upper limit though anyway i look at it.

I feel healthy, strong, fit, loved and ALIVE!

So, a few direct shout out - watching this video -  I wrote this on the comment thread for the spotlighted Athlete:  -- 

Thank you... Having a father with MS, one of the reasons I Tri is because he comes and wishes he could, so I do it.... Oh, emotions... So thank you, very very moving... Good luck, and keep on tri-ing....

So, Dad, glad you were there last year, and glad you will be there again.  Thank you to my wonderful wife for putting up with me, but also I know she is glad I am finally doing something like this and keeping healthy.  Grateful for Dennis, who will be doing Ironkids on Friday and who is secretly pumped to do so, he will tell you otherwise but I saw him give a little fist pump when we mentioned he is already signed up.  Juniper will be our little surprise this year and Grateful that Dennis and Juniper have the chance to do this now.  A dream of mine is to be able to do these when they are old enough, I will be nearing 60 for Juniper so me, Dennis and Juniper can all finish one together - ya crazy, but that's who us Livingston's are - well adapted, smart, but a wee bit of crazy and humble and grounded, but strikingly confident when need be.

Enjoy the journey folks.

Photos of the week

Will add later b/c my phone sync is jacked bc i realigned my phone folder structure - stupid tech dude, Shane.

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