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2016 - May - Track shane at 70.3 IM St George on May 07, 2016

Hello folks,

Thought this may be helpful to any trying to stalk wee ol' Shane during his 2nd 70.3 IM at St George, Utah.

Official Website (IM St. George)

Tool for tracking via mobile:

IMTRK via Google Play Store (Android)
IMTrk - itunes

My official Bib number is - 1856 LIVINGSTON SHANE M40-44 UT

They also just released the pro bibs on April 25th, and many of the favorite and well known folks are coming this year.  For example, Tim O'Donnel is back, but I didn't see Rinny.

Enjoy the cyber stalking.  Cheers.

How I feel now

last Year's booty

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Support crew

The real supporters - nuclear family

From February
Within the last 10 days - approx 188 lbs....

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