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18 July 2016

2016 - June 27 - July 10 Week In Review (2 Weeks actually)

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(I don't always provide links, so, please copy and paste if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Week 1
Activity 1 - UPdate from Strava links
Activity 1 - UPdate from Strava links
Activity 1 - UPdate from Strava links
Activity 1 - UPdate from Strava links
Activity 1 - UPdate from Strava links
Activity 1 - UPdate from Strava links

Week 2
Activity 1 - Run 1
Activity 1 - run 1
Activity 1 - REST
Activity 1 - SWIM 1
Activity 1 - Triathlon event - Olympic Triathlon F1 Format - swim 500 metres, bike 12.5 miles, run 3.12,swim 500 metres, bike 12.5 miles, run 3.12 

Bib No. 847 Livingston, Shane
Male 40 to 44
42 Male
Overall total time 
Transition 1 
Transition 2 
Transition 3 
Swim 2 
Transition 4 
Bike 2
Transition 5
Run 2


Monday morning weigh in XXX.X
Saturday post activity weigh in 189.1
Sunday Morning weigh in 190.1

Weekly Reflections and Focus

I am concentrating on the event.  I competed in the Cache Valley Super Sprint Triathlon.  I signed up toward the end, but sitting around doing nothing as I slip from my weight a bit is driving me and my wife a bit nuts.  The start is only about 1.2 miles away from home so it made the logistics nice.  It was good to support a local event.  The format was F1 which means, think of 2 sprint triathlons one right after the other with no stopping.  The end total is an Olympic Distance triathlon (1000 metres swimming, 25 miles cycling and 10 K running).

I rode over to the event and got things setup.  Because of it being local i was able to keep things super simple and minimal.  I ran into Jesse Dunn's father and he chatted with me for a few minutes and caught me up with how decent his son is doing.  Jesse was one of the youth in the   local church congregation when Liz and I first moved out of the condo where Dennis was born.  It was a pleasant surprise to run into each other at the Wellsville Duathlon a few weeks back to run into him and hear he had a rough go at 70.3 IM St George too.  Side note, Jesse is almost pro, I am a middle of the pack Age-grouper :)

After setting up and chatting, got into line and began the swim.  the water in the Logan Aquatic Center Pool was so warm.  It was too warm.  I took my time and only had one swimmer pass me.  I have not been in the water since before Father's Day, and it was obvious.  No gimmicks, no buoys, no nothing, just me and my kit and the warm water.  I was a bit of pace for me, but not too bad.  Then a quick transition, kept it simple and rode out to Mendon.  I am thinking a better bike fit is in order, but I was able to keep a strong pace and caught some of the folks that I wouldn't catch in the water.  Then a quick simple transition to the run. When I rode by our house, I could see the garage door open down the street and imagined that Liz and Dennis and Juniper were coming soon.

Headed out on the run and it took a bit to get my legs.  I was taking it easy because I was about to repeat this format.  I think with the previous week, horrible sleep, and bad nutrition this week, it was very apparent that I was going to fight a bit mentally and physically.  The surprise was the turn around was just after the cart bridge and i was expecting to go to the end of the trail.  that was a nice and pleasant surprise.

Transition back to the swim, forgot about my nutrition.  Gutted my pockets and placed stuff on the light standard I would remember.  I did this event in my glasses as I have run out of contacts.  This made for a fun few moments, and into the water gently as others were coming in from the sprint as I was completing my swim.  The second swim was a bit rough.  I was ok, but b/c I have not swam consistently since Father's Day, it was tough, not the worst, but just head to put head down, get into rhythm, and not get passed.

Out onto the bike, I took my time, gathered nutrition and on the pedal out after the stop sign I stated to eat my PB&J.  This is where the female overall finisher passed me, and I was ok with that as I was just concentrating on keeping within good MAF zones on my heart rate.  I knew at this point that an AG finish was not truly in my sights.

I caught the gal at the turn around, but traffic - not much, but some of our farm folks don't take kindly to cyclists in our parts.  I passed 5 or so folks that were doing the gran fondo ride too.  Come through transition, see Liz, wave and get out on the run.  This is the part where i kinda just cruised.  I was doing pretty well, but then my stomach started to bother me for the first time ever.  This was new, but I was able to stay in front of it.  I was able to make a decent time on the 5k, and a lot of use were encouraging the straggling sprint folks, where a few were like, I am barely getting the one done, and you are doing it twice.  LOL.

The reality is, this was just to keep me moving.  I am feeling the competitive burn in me a bit, but I also have to realize that I am now 42.  This is a health journey.  This is a way to stay available for Liz, and our kids.  This is a fun way to stay healthy.  I am focused on family first, but this is a great way to not offload stress unfairly on her or the kids.

It was a good event, but the overall management of the event was a bit haphazard.  I am coming to find different events with the RD's and support does make a difference.  I am coming to find that I prefer certain events more than others.  This was a good event for me to disrupt the funk I have been brooding in a bit.  My work and current client is weighing on me and I am ready for a mixup, which I understand is coming soon.  I have enjoyed the challenge of the work opportunity, but I have been meeting the required deliverables.

To that end, I was grateful to have Liz and the kids come out and see me home.  I was disappointed I was not where I wanted to be fitness wise.  Liz has been catching the bug.  the challenge is to find a way to let her get back to where she wants too.  How to make that happen has been a bit of a challenge, but i think that we can do that soon.

I think that about covers it.  oh yeah, I was number 2 in the AG, Male 40 - 45.  

Weekly Pics

The simple finisher's medal.

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