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15 January 2016

Jan 11 2016 - Week in review on Jan 16

Activities - Strava Logs (not linked as URLS on purpose, please copy and paste if you are strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 2 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 - Rest
Activity 1 - Rest
Activity 1 -
Activity 2 -
Activity 3 -

Saturday morning pre-activity 197.0
Saturday post activity 195.1

SATURDAY - Sprint/Olympic mixup
I felt quite good in the pool, I can sense that the weight training is helping my sloppy core. I am also working on underwater exhale and breathing only to one side. Really concentrating on my core and still using a float and arms only so far. I will start bringing in the legs soon.
The seat on the TDF bike at SARC destroyed me. I had to get off and stretch for two minutes and stay in front of sleepy crotch and legs. Also getting into aero (modified) with he video screen or any spin bike is a bit frustrating. Can't wait to have clear roads to settle back in on the road bike and its time to set up the trainer. I tried a few workouts to help the monotony of the spin, a TDF hill stage and Monterey coastline. Then I ended on a 80 watt constant rate for 32 minutes.
I was very nervous about the run with recently tweaking my ankle on Thursday night coming out of the restaurant in the Bronx. It was not a problem at all. I will need to monitor for shinsplints as the tweak pressured high tendons and I will keep an eye on that. The weights are really helping with my posture. I have been really listening to the free videos from these guys The Run Experience. Shot out to these guys for their videos centering around run posturing, strength and a 360 degree approach to running. I recently really worked on my biomechanics over the last year and it has been amazingly helpful and per my wife's persistence adding it to disciplines other than running - she's just right. This run was pretty good, I went out too fast and need to get in front of that. I found my legs around mile 3 but had form for 90 percent of the run.

Weekly Reflections and Focus
I focused heavy on strength training while in NYC this week and feeling pretty good. The base/chiseling is beginning, and I weighed in at home post travel at a positive 197.9 lbs. I ma very encouraged and must say, Liz was right. However, Thursday night while exiting our dinner venue, I rolled my ankle pretty good. Not as severe as I did late fall running Baxter hollow, however, it did tweak up a bit high and I am monitoring that for now. I hope to be able to run on saturday.

I discovered a new protein product this week and tested it out and am encouraged as I like it Official Site (Plantfusion). I had two packets from whole foods and I am impressed. It overall was a good week and I really monitored my diet. I had salmon one night and a lettuce wrapped burger one night too. With the way things went with work I took an extra rest day, but was glad I did with Saturdays 3 sport outlook.

I am traveling again next week, so hope to maintain and with weights see more improvements. I should be able to get a real run in around central park too. I am also hoping to get a longer 7 mile or so saturday run in and hope to run with some local folks. I need to help my wife concentrate on her goals and provide time for her to work up to those too. Juniper and Dennis just keep growing up.

I think this summarizes things pretty well. I am stoked I cracked 195 lbs even though it is in post activity and dehydration phase. of note, I used generation UCAN product for my multipart stuff and it did its job even though I didn't fuel any different through the week except concentrate on limiting dairy and meat, and getting a good whole foods plant based set of meals. Awesome!

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  1. Thought I'd test comments. I feel pretty good after resting Sunday, traveling back to NYC via slc airport and JFK. Need to find a place to run in the city. Would be even nicer to find a pool.


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