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09 September 2016

2016 - September Throwback Thursday post

In Honor of Throwback Thursday

I posted this via Facebook, but thought i'd place it here too.

#tbt a little late, but I have been pre-occupied in thought, reflection and introspection. In 2012 - 2013 I let myself get up to a max recorded weight of 247 lbs. I am currently 190 lbs, and I am about to try to get down to 180 and less... After some persistent persuasion from my wife, I am where I should be heading. I maintain a blog at where I keep myself accountable, and I will continue to do so.

I am not using some magic pill, unless that is discipline, portion control, elimination of milk, a focus on a plant based whole foods diet highly aligned to nutrition counsel found in 'word of wisdom' (faith-based) a reduction of refined sugars replaced by naturally sourced sugars, and various vegan protein and replacement shakes...

I have run almost 770 miles this year and only biked 650 miles, but my health and fitness is much better than it has been since I started. I saw the biggest fruits of my labors when I completed #2016IM703stgeorge 2 hours and 15 mins faster than in 2015, and running a sub 2 hour half marathon while pacing a friend, a 20 minute improvement. I have taken a reasonable and rational approach and the outcomes have been encouraging.

Along the way I have made various friendships, acquaintances and joined a few multisport oriented groups. It has been a good journey, many thanks to Lizfor being kind in persistence, remembering that I am a mere mortal, imperfect, broken, and worth being there for. These are the thoughts one has during the 'trained ' body bio breaks.

The most endearing part of this journey is when family, friends and colleagues express the reason they returned to their activity level is b/c of being motivated by what they have witnessed in me (to be honest I am fully aware I am not the only reason but part of the reasoning, I am not that conceited).

Here is too many more improvements along the way. I also hope I have become less critical, more compassionate, willing to slow down to support, listen and encourage others. I hope I have become a better husband, father, friend and colleague. In a world where value have become lost, where folks are commonly becoming less tolerant or agreeable, may we all be better, stand taller, and be willing to help others however we can, improving with each interaction and not giving up, too long, when challenge, setup backs, disruptions and disappointment present....

Here's to a great weekend.... Cheers....

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