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05 September 2016

2016 - August 30 - September 04 - Week in Review

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - Travel Day Activity
Activity 1 - Run Pt 1, Pt 2
Activity 1 - RUN Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - Travel Day Activity
Activity 1 -

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


Haven't found a place in San Francisco yet.  More to come.


Concentrating on run volume, maybe a few next week.


Zen running.  My runs on the coast have been good.  been concentrating on good form, good breathing and step cadence and economy.  My stride and form seem to be doing well.


A little wobbly this week.  Tried manicotti and it tore me up.  Also had a vegetarian pizza in SF, and I think it was ok, but a bit too crusty and cheesy.

Weights and Strength

$ days - daily 22 pushups.  Thanks to my cousin Mike Johns - wise guy!

Weekly Reflections and Focus

So this week started off bad with a travel day.  I was trying to do a M-Thursday, but it turned into Tues, Wed and Thurs only.  But we adapt right?

So out to Ocean beach I went.  My first two days of running were pure intel missions.  The first run I got out late, ran four miles and ran out of light and had to shut it down - I forgot my night gear.  I will not do this again.

Wednesday run, I got out earlier and ran a bit fast at time, and law-dee-da'ahed at others.  I swooped up above cliff side to check out the trails, but was underwhelmed.  Amazing how lemmings followed.

Thursday, I ran up to Sloat Ave from Ocean Beach parking area and then cut over to the beach.  I grabbed a few photos, and then ran 5-25 ft from the sea line the whole way back.   Can I say outstanding.  Can I say zen?  It was outstanding.  Running was awesome.  To be so close to something so powerful as the ocean.  To run in and around its natural frequency.  To run in and through the birds, the sand dollars, the sand, the fishermen and the other animals out and about.  Lots of waves and nods, totally different than pounded the pavement trail about a 1/4 mile over next to the Great Highway.

I have become enamored with the concept of zen running.  I don't much look at my watch except for two things right now - pace and mile splits at the notification vibration.

I guess to a degree I have missed the ocean.  There is something eerie, and powerful to look at the abyss and find absolutely nothing at the point that the horizon becomes everything.  To know something that powerful and constant can change in an instant and ruin the serenity and zen I was able to identify and focus with for 3 days.  Each run allowed the trash of the business day recede and wash away.

I will grab the pix shortly.  The main thing i noticed is the worried views of folks.  Was I running awkward?  Did I look new?  Was I going too slow/fast?  Did I smell like a utah guy?  I wore my pathetic triathlete hat and 70.3 St George Ironman hats during my runs.  I wore running shorts.  Oh I think I know what it is.  I run without ear buds and do not use music in my alone time running or riding or swimming.  This is my time to unplug.  Ironman branded events disallow ear buds and communication devices.  Since my focus is those events, and now for a myriad of other reasons (safety minded and purely personal and zen focused) I don' use it.  I enjoy connecting to the ambient sounds.  My breathing, my foot strikes, my heart at times, an everything else the environment provides.  I have become so much more mindful when I am dialed in, I have become aloof to over focusing and allow daily stressers to disappear step after monotonous step, invigorating my heart and soul.  I find that i am more ready to speak with my wife - who away at home may be a ball of mothering chaos ready to stick her hand through the phone receiver to choke zen boy.  We have a great relationship and I love her to eternity.

Anyway, not much more to post.  I am going to try to post a week in review and a learning moment post - sourced from running group friends or triathlon friends and their questions or interests etc.  That way it isn't just a week in review only and self centric.  I need to see if I can offer some value in my journey to others.  I'd like to share my findings in my journey and life balance including triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, nutrition and life balance approach.  I will try to keep it meaningful to those that may happen across the blog.

The first topic will be around selecting shoes and running gait analysis.  Is it or when are they needed or helpful, worth the $$$

Until next time.  Cheers!

Weekly Pics

Shots of the pacific Ocean.  #zenrunner

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