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2016 - September 04 - September 11 - Week in Review

Scot Weaver caught this gem as I came on in

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 -
Activity 2 -

Activity 1 - RUN for tacos
Activity 1 - Trail RUN
Activity 2 - Trail Walk Warm up
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - Planned No RUN
Activity 1 - Planned No RUN

Weekly Reflections and Focus

I don't know that I have much to say more than a few thoughts from the Throwback thursday thoughts - Click here for thoughts!

A few good runs happened due to instrospection and needs.

I understand more and more why I do triathlons. Running last night in Logan Canyon (wednesday Run), I didn't seem to care about the right of way on the trail being ignored, the unattended to dog crap, etc. Self introspection comes in many flavors and ways. this one ignited by an unexpected source that led to disappointment and the reality that everything will not always be reasonable - emotions tend to have that impact.  It doesn't mean I am wrong, but it doesn't mean I am completely right, either.  I am typically guided by reasoning and rationality, neither were present and thus the reason last night's therapy run, although I didn't know it was just that. I passed by a lot of folks in two's (ladies) and a gentle hello and be safe was offered. Life is good, it won't ever be perfect. But it is good.

fwiw...random thoughts. Now to tend to the dogs for a moment before upcoming business calls. I am working remote and it has been good this week, as my wife has been struggling a lot lately, more than I wish.  Also, this week was the 13.1/26.2 REVL Big Cottonwood Race.  A lot of journeys I have watched and saw some triumphs, some did wells, some just hung in there, and some disappointments.  Then I posted this is response to someone.

"Completely understand.  I hate running, but have converted to 'live to run' since getting off my fattening butt.  I share my story often, for me mainly but try to be understanding of others.  Some people say I'm ok fast, but I disagree (avg is a 8min/mile).  We are each special snowflakes.  Some days I feel great, others I have to force myself.  I do triathlons so for me one sport is not enough.  So journey on. And if things get rough.  Reach out.  You are not alone.  My most fulfilling runs/walks are when I get to just talk through things with another on their journey.  My wife hates when I don't slow down for her, but that's another issue.   Lol, and she's catching up every day.  This is a good group (FB Group), not as ostentatious as some others I am part of.. Yours is a great reminder.... Thank you... I say share away.... Cheers... I mean I didn't even get a run in yesterday b/c family was first....

I completely understand where this other runner is coming from.  I sometimes am the poster that the person was speaking about, and that is fine.  I completely welcome the poster's sincerity.  Why?  B/c I fall into that category sometime.  I find it less and less though lately, as I have moved more tot he zen runner concept.  I compare me to me.  In looking at where i was 3 years ago to today, it is immense.  But I am still about 1 minute slower and about 15-20 heavier than where I want to get to.  I am 42 years old now and it's not like it was in high school.  I don't bounce back like I did.  Biomechnics and form matter now.  So, as I told the other runner, keep on footing.  hopefully the irritations fade away, if not, we are here for you too.  We are here to listen, to support, to nag and provide feedback when requested.  Further, please don't give up.

Wherever you are at, don't give up.  It is suicide prevention week, this week.  I have been doing 22 push ups daily thanks to being tapped by a cousin of mine to do 22 push ups for 22 days straight to increase suicide awareness for military servicemen and servicewomen that are both active and provided/completed service in some capacity.  I am not flaunting it online, just silently doing it and completing the 22 when i find a few moments.

Also, today as i write it is 9/11.  15 years ago today I walked out of my house aloof with my downstairs house mate Phil and walked to the bus.  I don't recall the conversation but it was completely unaware of what we were to encounter at the bus stop.  'Have you heard?'  Nope, in disbelief Phil and I were like nice joke, what a crock - pre-onion satire days.  To our dismay and disbelief, we were quite irreverent of what was unfolding.  At that time the first tower had been hit, the second was about to and the rest of the events were to unfold.  Little did I know that my future father in law was on the train to the city, most likely the A-train.  Little did I know years later in Portland Maine I would spend on off week at the Day's Inn one of the offending pilots stayed in.

I feel that if we could stop, pay attention to the message in this video, it's a good place to start:

Here's to another great week, next week.  Happy reading folks.  Happy footing.  Zenrunning.

Weekly Pics

Freedom Run
Dennis - Finishing it up!

I was coasting in after pushing Juniper over 6 miles - the gal in red passed me, but I clipped her before the end :P  sky walking at its best captured in the moment.

Dennis and Liz are in there.  look for a pink/red hat.

Running group - NERC's - Dennis, Liz, Juniper, Joanna, (Joanna's boy ?), mindi, Linda, Angie
Coming down the loop.

Getting up tot he loop.  Bridger's Loop I think it is.

River trail sign, means switch backs are next....

I took a moment to capture the tracks on my Taco Tuesday run to tacos run....

Breaking in the new running shirt - next to Altra headquarters....

This has been my nutrition this week, time to get back after it.

Good to run into an old buddy, Chris and i were Resident Advisors at Utah State university.

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