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2016 - September 12 - September 18 - Week in Review

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - Run - Path
Activity 2 - Run - Beach
Activity 1 - REST Day
Activity 1 - Run - Path
Activity 2 - RUN - Beach
Activity 1 - RUN - Path
Activity 2 - RUN - Beach
Activity 1 - Run - Path
Activity 2 - RUN - Beach
Activity 1 - Hotter Than Haiti - Fun run - local fundraiser
Activity 2 - SMILE RUN


Monday morning weigh in 192.4
Sunday Morning weigh in 193.0
Saturday post activity weigh in 192.3

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


So, I have been focusing on form, cadence, breathing, and mindfulness.  I am staying aware of what I am doing.  I am not plugged in, keeping my eyes forward and focused, my chest open and arms at my side.  I am keeping my form structured.  I am trying to maintain a gazelle like stride, more fluid and up vs the glide.  I have removed my shoes and run in the sand.  This truly works the calf muscles and requires concentration on form and surroundings.


Trying to be reasonable and eat plant based whole foods and limit meat intake.

Weekly Reflections and Focus

Sometimes things happens that require schedules to adapt.  While in San Francisco on a work week, I decided to go straight to the coast and run promptly after work.  I parked between the 20 and 22 stair cases and well, my rental car was broken into.  It added an extra 3 hours of head aches and learning experiences as I worked through business protocols, calling in the SF Police and returning the rental car.

The car that was broken into was an SUV, and it seems to be a ring as there have been many this year including a few colleagues and from what folks at National Car rental said, "this has been a hot summer for theft".

Here is the broken out rear passenger side window.

Here is what I had to settle with after.
I had a great run before this happened too.  I felt quite mindful of things, what was going on, my breathing and my form.  I ran out on the path and then decided to try to grab some pictures.  My phone keeps shutting down, but regardless, I decided to hit the beach and run up the beach.  I shed my foot wear - Mizuno Wave Creations (my 4th pair) and just cruised up the beach.  Running along the shore of the water became a great therapy this week.  to take in the salt air, see the coastal fisher folks (men/women and some children).  To come across the dogs, many just happy as peaches hanging on a tree before being devoured in tasty treats by humans.

I repeated this routine every day I ran.  I used it as a way to let the chaos of the week and business that was going a bit sidways and then the break in and other things in life.

I wrote this on Facebook the other day after this week -
Got to meet a great looking female rottweiler.... Before heading back to put things together post run this great dog comes up... The owner was so nervous... She said normally she is nervous around males especially with hats.. She was so grateful, her husband or sigO walks up and says, dude he's not drunk, a whino, a vagrant, he seems like an awesome dude.... Well Thanks kind strangers.... The dog came right up, said hi and for 5 or so mins was my best friend... The owner lady was like, there is hope... 19 month old female rottweiler.... Way cool....

Anyway, I took awhile to get this one in, and it's time to soon gear up and push for the next weight standard, less than 185.  I am floating just over 190.

On Saturday, we did two runs to support local friends.

Hotter than Haiti RUN

The Hotter than Haiti run is to support or friend's Mandi and Angie and their connection with haiti.  It was at the Wellsville pond and we ran .75 laps for an hour.  It was good to have Juniper and Dennis out and about with us.  It was well attended and I just took it easy and was without a watch.  My Garmin cradle was stolen in the Monday car rental problem.


The second was the SMILE virtual run where our friend Roxie put it together in memory of a friend that committed suicide.  It was well attended and Juniper fell asleep until she woke up and went all crazy.  This was quite the cool thing to see.  It was nothing but a friend asking others to come support.  A few of us did an almost 5k while others walked a mile to the gravesite.  We enjoyed each others company, caught up with some friends, let go of some balloons and remember that suicide can affect anyone close to us.  This was a great thing and group and friends to be part of.

Sunday we took a hike up Jardine Juniper trail from Wood Camp as well to catch some of the color changes that are happening to the leaves and trees and natural foliage and forestation.

Weekly Pics

Motivation 1

Motivation 2

barefoot here I come....

A bit chilly and can't go much further with the higher tide

New law in Nevada, pretty nice.

Nightly therapy run

This is what zen running is all about - barefoot.....

SMILE run - waiting to do the baloon release...

Hotter than Haiti Run - raffle time

Hotter than Haiti Run at the pond

Smile run Graveside

this lasted about 200 yards


Leaves, leaves, everywhere

Can we go home yet, I walked about 300 yards....

Liz, Juniper and Dennis, simple capture

This isn't food, I am not Charlie Brown, this is a rock!

Look dad, I have two teeth, or do I have more?  come closer, come closer now!

Juniper being silly

Change is in the air

Take me home now!

At the base of Jardine Juniper trail head just above Wood Camp.

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