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2016 - September 19 - October 02 - 2 Week(s) in Review

Great sunset Capture at Ocean Beach off the Great Highway - San Francisco Coast line.

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

Because I got sick I am doubling up.

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Sept 19 - Sept 25
Activity 1 - SICK
Activity 1 - SICK
Activity 1 - SICK
Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN

Sept 26 - Oct 02
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 2 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 2 - RUN
Activity 3 - RUN
Activity 4 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - REST DAY
Activity 1 - Brick - CYCLING
Activity 2 - Brick - RUN


Sick Weight low weigh in 187.8
Sunday Morning weigh in 189.0
Saturday post activity weigh in 191.8

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


Finally a swim.  It felt good.  I was able to concentrate on habits that I keep breaking.  Proper head position.  Proper breathing (one side at a time, not a double breathe in and exhale above the water.  I was also able to concentrate on proper arms and stroke cadence.


Finally got in a ride.  I just relaxed and enjoyed.  I got after it a bit after the rain.  I just lived it up in the wetness of it all.  Rode by feel.


After being sick this was wierd.  I pushed it.  Felt the need to slow down day after.  Really been trying to concentrate on the feels.  I ramped up a few runs to see where I am at, and I feel really good.  I am pushing the 8 min/mile envelope.  Pretty consistent too.  I am getting closer to where I want to be.  I think I'd like to get to an approx 7:30 min/mile to 8:00 min/mile in all events.


It's been all over the place with travel.  I have been really heavy on fruits and been using hi ball and Monsters.  As winter comes, I need to get off the carbonated crap and switch to amino's and meal replacements by Gnarly.  The stuff just isn't cheap.

Weights and Strength

Keeping up with 22 push ups a day challenge.  in fact I am doing 22 in morning, and 22 before sleep.

Weekly Reflections and Focus

Because I got sick I am doubling up.  The week that i got sick i was pretty torn up.  I came back on Thursday and had a great swim and a good follow up short run.  I could really feel the recovery drain on my Saturday mid/long distance run though.  I did just keep going, but I found a comfortable pace and just got it done.  When I returned to San Francisco I decided I wanted to have a push week of runs.  Because of the marine fog layer, I skipped the barefoot runs and just hit the running path.  My wife - aka coach, got after me for doing short runs in SF.  So I tried to extend to 6's.  This was what i was doing in Central park in NYC.  You know it felt great.  distance were good, i was mainly pushing under 8 min miles.  I also decided to forget about the HRM and run on feel.  I am starting to do that more and more.  i am really digging this concept of Zenrunning.  In fact, the Endurance Planet podcast that I geeked out on was this episode (Don't let the speed picture scare you too much).  I have known about this guy, but to hear him speak was a bit of a kick in the gut to remember that Triathlon and multi spport is something I do, But I am a Husband, A friend, A Father, and an overall good contributor to society.  I listened to this in flight and coming back from the airport because I actually drove myself for once.

So one of the topics I keep seeing lately is why use or what tracker do you use?

So here is my current setup:

  1. Wrist - Garmin 920XT
  • This is the device I use to capture my activities.  I also have an accessory I use with it - Triathlon Quick Release Kit.
  • HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) I use - this can be worn in the pool or OWS, but it doesn't record biometric information until cycling or running.  You have to get the swim one to do that.
  • I use the syncing features from Garmin CONNECT to push data direct to the following:
    • Strava
    • TrainingPeaks
    • Trainxhale (Manual interaction is required)
    • UnderArmour - Mapmyrun/ride/fitness
Applications I use:
  • For safety and tracking ROAD ID
    • This allows me to use something called an e-crumb.  It operates from my mobile phone and uses gps and has battery stress.  I can typically use it up to about 4 hours without problems.  You can configure it a bit and text or email up to 5 folks - or use social media as a hack of sorts for more community tracking - haven't looked to see if this is a breech of TOS tho.  I don't recommend it, just saying it can be done.  I typically use this with wife or folks that want to meet up.
  • My main web tool is STRAVA for now.  
    • I use chrome and an extension called STRAVISTIX for data geek outs
  • Trainxhale.com
    • I am really like this web based application.  It serves to compete with Training Peaks from a different perspective.  The actual diary like tools along with the other metrics are what I am looking for as I move from data based to 'feeling' and zentriathlete oriented approach.  The tools are being enriched and it is still in beta.  Give it a look, as they are ramping up there are deals in its Beta stages.  It is from Great Britain I believe and should fit a growing niche of Coaching and Athletes (regardless of focus).
  • Training Peaks
    • I haven't really paid for this service as I am using my wife as my coach and don't see the ROI on the usage at this point.
No matter what you use to support your special snowflake in you, there are so many options.  I started with just a phone application and upgraded to using a GPS dedicated device.  Good luck in dialing in what works best for you.

Some weeks are great, others suck.  The sick week was horrbile, but it was followed up by a strong week, and the brick was awesome, even in the rain.

Weekly Pics

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