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08 July 2017

2017 Week in Review - June 26 - July 02

Weekly Reflections and Focus

The highlight of the week was a cool and steady four miles along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with Adrian Toledo.  Adrian is one of the local runners that makes me feel slow most of the time.  He's working himself back into activity after a bit of a break.  We all go through episodes, and he is working his way out of one of his.  I first caught a glimpse of Adrian supporting local runners at a Top of Utah half marathon.  Then off and on through the years we became acquaintances and ultimately friends.  He's often super supportive of others, and he is too kind in his positive comments to me and many other local runners.  He is a family man that is pleased with his family relationships.  He has been kind to my wife and family through the years.

 The Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Logan is well know for its history.  Many locals use different portions of the 24 mile section from Green Canyon to Avon.  We decided to us the mouth of Logan Canyon to Green Canyon.

So our run started at First Dam, just under the mouth of Logan Canyon,  with me running late - Juniper and family were not cooperating, but in the end, my wonderful wife let me go.  The first section from the tunnel up is enough to make anyone regret walking or running or just going up it.  Adrian and I took it slow but kept moving the whole way.  We took a quick break and then started the nearly 2 miles over to green canyon along the infamous BST.  We took on the rollers just chatting away and I not realizing that Adrian was trying t keep up with me, something he confessed later.  Mind you, his volume for the week was impressive for coming out of a slump.  It was good to catch up during the waning hours of the day and just before twilight.  we ended the trail and headed up to the utility light at the main driveway at the entrance to Green Canyon, then headed back.  We kept a good steady and solid pace for two middle-aged Age Groupers.  Family stories, life stories, some simple compliments were shared among us two.  Adrian pointed out some trail spiders, of note before lasik I never would have seen them and now I do.

We shared a few questions and thoughts on fuel, and drinks and headed our separate ways.  It was a good nice run and a way to keep in touch.  I am reminded of how running and triathlon has offered me varied opportunities to meet folks I would have missed had I chosen not to participate.  that is the richness of the activities I select to do.  i am grateful to my wife for re-engaging me in these activities and not letting me fall too far to the wayside.  I am a lucky dude.  She let's me play triathlon.  :)

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

I've condensed this space to just the link above.  Stalk me or join me as a follower, your choice.


Weight High for the week XXX.X
Weight Low for the week XXX.X

Weekly Pics

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