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13 July 2017

2017 - July - I've been slacking update!

I have been slacking and this personal conversation I had on my run this morning really sums it all up!

So today, while running 8.4 miles at 6AM, I had this internal conversation:

Me: knock knock
Healthy: Hello Shane, how are you? How can I help you?
Me: I am looking for fitness.
Healthy: Fitness isn't here right now. Fitness saw you coming and didn't want to be here.
Me: That's odd, I thought we had built a relationship.
Healthy: While true, Fitness is a tough one. Fitness relies on 'trust' and you ignored that trust. You maintain our relationship just fine, but you neglected fitness. Don't worry though. Fitness is always watching. Fitness probably sees you right now. In fact, I can assure you that once that trust is re-calibrated and re-obtained, Fitness will tackle you when you least expect it, and welcome your friendship back with open arms.
Me: I guess I have known this, but I have been unwise and untrue, I have been re-calibrating, and soon, hope to be 'tackled' as you say.
Healthy: Monitor your friendship, I am much more lenient, but when you have me, and Fitness, such great adventures are in store. Are you ready?
Me: yes, yes I am.

Serious, these things happen from mile 5.5 or so to 8.4 when running during sunrise. Yes, I am just me I know. But, A few important folks rely on me - Liz, Dennis, Juniper and baby #3. Plenty others too, for which I am grateful for friendships, acquaintances and even broken relationships. Whatever journey you may find yourself, please, please be mindful, be present and be better than yesterday. Cheers!

I really got after this swim.  Wanted to see what I can do.  now to get my swim fitness elevated!

Juniper and Daddy time.  

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