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25 June 2017

2017 - 12 June - 18 June

Left to Right - Laura, Kade, me

Weekly Reflections and Focus

Drop13 Thoughts/Reflections

Drop 13 Results

So ran Drop 13 - from the RD and webpage

The Drop13 Half Marathon is considered by many the fastest Half Marathon in Utah. We hate making assumptive statements like many other races. The one thing we can speak to with this race is factual information. The Drop13 Half Marathon is 100% downhill at Big Cottonwood Canyon during ideal conditions for running. The temps start at 50 degrees and reach the mid to low 70's. The race has over 3000 feet of decline. The race is incredible with views of rivers, pine trees, and more. Unlike steeper courses this race has a gradual 3000 feet allowing runners to go fast and not be required to use their brakes as they descend. Lastly the Drop13 Half Marathon gives out Personal Record medals in addition to finish medals, Drop13 LBS medals and age group medals. In 2015 the Drop13 Half Marathon gave away over 50% Personal Record Medals and in 2016 45% Personal Record Medals to those that competed in this race. We would like to hold those stats to any race for Personal Records!

This race is a USATF Sanctioned event.
So a few weeks back, Liz's friend said after a few disappointments and setbacks that she wanted to do this event/race.  I having finished my A event for the year - 70.3 IM St. George, I offered to pace her.  So I set about to volunteer and gain a waivered entry through OnHill Events.

Fast forward to the event.  We all met up in SLC at packet pickup. I arranged accommodations for the lot of us, and we enjoyed an evening of laughs and stories and pre-race prep.  We all settled in made arrangements to wake up and not miss the bus.

Well, alarm clock goes off, roll out of bed, try not to disturb the family and off to meet Laura and Kade.  We met at the car, grumbled some hellos, made it to the buses, the first bus -  oops my bad, and whisked away up Big Cottonwood Canyon toward Solitude Ski Resort.  The start is about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile below Solitude.

It was warm when we got up but between t he moon and sun exchange, it must have dropped a solid 10 degrees Farenheit.  We just bided our time waiting for the gun start to come and it eventually did.

Kade set off on his pace and lumbered down the road.  Laura and I headed out letting the morning air and mountain slope push us along.  I took it out easy, but it was a fast 2 miles for Laura.  I was curious to see how she would do.  She did very well, and then her mind caught up to her, and we helped her through her first panic session.  it was not that long, but she has a few mental barriers to break through and those are never fun or kind.  I offered support as I could and the run truly started.  We eased back into the run/walk pace we'd maintain throughout the rest of the course.  Overall there was one more major panic session and we identified some breathing strategies and a cadence she could maintain while focusing on breathing.  This gal is a fighter.  She reminds me of the gymnast in a movie called American Anthem - a character mis Julie Llyod.  Once Laura identifies a few extra coping strategies to manage her mind, and where she is physically, she has a break through coming.  About half way through, she ditched the music, which at this point is a good thing.  I find for a lot of runner similar to her, the music is more disruptive than good.  It doesn't mean she cant use it, but she needs to figure out what bpm's and music types will match where she is at and help her achieve her desired outcomes.

It was a gorgeous day.  It was pleasant all morning and didn't really start to get to too warm until about 90 percent of the way.  We talked about various topics and tried to keep her engaged and distracted when the panic and pain and tough came forward.  Laura is no slouch, she has completed several half marathons and 1 or 2 full marathons.  However, i am pleased to say I got to watch her fight through some of her mental barriers, and ultimately get her to a finish time just below 3 hours.

I wrote this in a facebook group that's not public and to which she is unaware:
So, Saturday was nothing about me but everything about a friend achieving her goal. She did it with 10 seconds to spare - giving back -- that was my Saturday. Keep keeping on. oh, and I was her personal pacer.

Training Peak Helpful links

Zone 3
Nutrition Basics

- focus on natural, eliminate milk, avoid non natural sugars, monster (ultra) exception

Running - moderate volume - Tues a 6 miler if possible, wed a 5k - 2 miles at race pace, 1 mile easy easy

Swimming, get in pool, just to keep wet

Cycling - may do spinning on Thurs if available in hotel room

- be present, be mindful.  Be grateful.  Ensure recovery, verify cadence is appropriate with audience

- prepare withdraw - bike and Disney options?

Ironman fees - do homework on $$$ look at AZ, Santa Rosa, Chattanooga and Coeur d'Aleine, timing costs, feasibility...

- prepare a date night with Liz....

Sleepy hollow run, mixed taper

Well As you can see - above were my thoughts, I got busy and circling back I failed.  oops.  Time to post and move on :)

Weekly Pics

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