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01 June 2017

2017 - Shane's Running Routes - Revolver

Shane's Running Routes - Revolver

A lot of folks ask what and where I run.  To this end, i though this would be a great way to demonstrate some of that information.  I will use Strava as a way to demonstrate the route and I will walk through the distance and route a little bit.

Links to strava:

First time ever

This one I have named' revolver b/c the strava map looks a bit like, well, a revolver.  I have only done this one 3 times according to Strava but it is a simple 5 mile route.

Pretty simple run shares some of the features of the 5K loop I mentioned here.  Normally I do 5 k and 10k, so I thought i had done this one more, but Strava contradicts my memory.  Overall the nice part about this one is that it is through familiar neighborhoods then a taste of a good steady hill which is the following segment:

Anyway, this is a nice mixup and goes requires you to cross 1000 West using 200 South and it can be a busy street.  50 mph section of 4 lanes to cross with a chicken/suicide turning lane.  I find most of this route pretty safe and most of the folk driving it are aware of you as a runner.

Be safe and enjoy should you chance to run it.

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