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2017 - Shane's Running Routes - Door to door 5K

Door to Door - 5K Route

A lot of folks ask what and where I run.  To this end, i though this would be a great way to demonstrate some of that information.  I will use Strava as a way to demonstrate the route and I will walk through the distance and route a little bit.

Links to strava:

First time ever
Most recent

So, as you can see, this is a pretty simple route.  I tend to start my Garmin 920XT watch as I leave my residence, and head out and make a left on 600 South.

I linked to 3 different activities.  My first time doing this route was with my wife.  i watched her run as I huff and puffed and walked and struggled and finished almost 50 minutes later.  In 2013, I was fat, I was lost, I was not me.  My wonderful wife prodded and poked, and then politely understood I wouldn't hear the message until I was ready.

So the route details:

It is a 5k course that is relatively flat with a 26 foot in elevation exchange overall.  There are a few segments on the route.  I like this one, b/c if you have only 30 minutes or an hour to spare, it's a relatively safe route.  It goes on Old Mendon Road, 1900 West, 200 South, 10th west more or less and then reconnects to Old Mendon Road.

The features of this route are pretty simple.  Once you head right out towards the dump and bird refuge on 1900 west, there are two properties on the right.  The first one does have a dog that is typically in a pin, but if it is out, be aware it's the feistiest encounter I have had with an animal.  The second property had animals, but I think they have moved on.  The property on the left is a farm/homesteaders property with plenty of steers and females and calves depending on the time of year.  There is a strava segment on this part of the route, and the biggest uphill, if you can call it that, a steady increase is all.

As you can probably tell it's fast if you want to be.  Then you make a right hand turn and run adjacent to the dump on 200W. Which has another segment.  this one is longer and has more folks run it over time.  I normally coast down this segment, take pictures and hang out with the horses on the left.

After this segment, if you want you can head north up 1000 West to pad your mileage or turn to the south for the last major segment on this route.

I normally follow frontage road until Old Mendon Road.  I typically cruise this whole route.  I created a large segment for most of this route too:

So, for those that aren't sure of where to begin, anywhere on this route is circular as it were.  It's not an out n' back.  I use this route to see where i am at, and often use it as a brick or a portion of a multi-sport work out day.  I find its very helpful to have a go to route that is dependable.  I have run this at all hours, I will even put on head lamps and flashers as necessary.  Anyway.

The route is a basic 5K.  It only has one minor hill segment and a depression and a small climb on the road adjacent to the dump.  Overall the strengths of this run are being in farm like atmosphere quickly.  Access to neighborhood and farm animals.  Most of the time there is not much traffic except at school drop and pick up times and the minor 8 am and 5 pm traffic that congests all of Logan due to no other options.

Cautions on this route

A lot of the neighborhood folks don't clear their corners when driving and are not looking for runners/cyclist.  Half of the route is on sidewalk half you are running open farm roads with no designated bike lane.  Be present, mindful and aware in order to avoid delicate situations.  I honestly think most folks are embarrassed when they have almost hop checked me or worse.  I wish it was better, but i am trying to just not let myself be enraged and let things go.  i do shake my head and let them go in front of me, and I am stubborn about it.  If I go in front of them I am still vulnerable, it's not you it's a me thing.

Cheers!  Happy Running!

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