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12 April 2017

2017 - Week in Review - 03 April - 09 April

Do I still know who I am?

Weekly Reflections and Focus

This last week was a bit derailed.  But I will say that my runs in Central park were pretty solid.  I am trying to slow down and make sure I don't gas out in the final few weeks of build up.  What is truly suffering is my cycling.  I chose a long 9 mile run instead of a bike ride because of the wind and rain. Funny thing, there was a big period of time i could have fit it in.

I've been paying attention to EliteHRV app and making sure I stay within ranges.  The photo's below demonstrate some of the readings from last week.

I have been noticing in my runs, how much I tend to be anchored tot he watch.  I started it and placed it in my back pocket or under my long sleeve and just ran.  I tried to focus on breathing and how I felt.  Ironically enough, i felt without exerting too much effort, that I had plenty in the tank.  That's a good feeling.

All things considered, this was not my best week for volume nor accumulation but what i did get in was high quality.  So my Central park runs I decided to ignore the watch and put it in my back pocket or didn't advance my sleeve while running.  It's curious that I was running a bit easier and faster, without any bias from my watch.  I really tried to remember to eat first then run and I think that helped a bit too, even though I had to get out a bit later because of having a full stomach vs being ready to go, but then eating and sleeping.

Family, little Juniper was sick this week and Liz did her best to keep up.  When training for an event with significance of magnitude like a Half/Full Ironman, adaptations are mandatory.  Sometimes I'm on the ball and do decently for my wife, other times I just fumble and scurry to help when it is pointed out to me.  Let's just water it down to learning is always on-going int he #familybalancetri equation.

Travel was also a bit of a disruption with the Delta weather fiascos.  I was delayed in getting back home by about 2 hours and made me miss a few shuttles that would have had me home earlier, but we adapt.  I was able to rest a bit and attend to other things.

Light week in the thoughts as I am just focusing in on having a good go on May 6.  A friend of mine asked what my timing expectations are, and to be honest I think I will keep it to, better than last year is my hope, and my fallback is at least level with last year.

2016 - 70.3 IM St George Reflections
2015 - 70.3 IM St George Reflections

And last but not least.  My bib number was finally released:  1216

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - Travel, Travel, Travel
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - Forced Rest Day - Walked at least
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - BRICK - SWIM, RUN


Weekly low 198.1

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


Get in a solid swim


Didn't find the time


maintain volume and slow down.


Don't go off the reservation

Weights and Strength


Weekly Pics

Good for a laugh

No more sky club for this frequent traveler, so I found a good vantage 

Whole Foods warm food - quinoa, veggies, and sweet chili tofu, and some soy bites

View from hotel

too early

clowning around

just completed run

Columbia Circle

Around 54th and 7th

Soup Nazi - No Soup for you!

water ice for all!  thanks dad

making food

Egg mash creation

Egg mash creation

Egg mash creation
Logan River trail, even broke out the singlet

9 miles of countless selfie opportunities

pre-run shot


At the trailhead of Old Juniper - Dennis and Juniper

brother/siste moments at the trailhead

King of the mountain

tried to grab a decent family pic at right hand fork

The reasons I come home

Dad, WTF - that?  What is that?

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