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2017 - Week in Review - 10 April - 16 April

um 1:39 per 100 yards... what??

Weekly Reflections and Focus

Helpful info links for me:
Bike fitting for the DIY'ers: (Triathlon focus) -
Link 1

Link 1

Alright, I have been horrible carving out time to write about this stuff.  I had a big week though.
Swimming: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cycling: 3 hours 32 minutes
Running: 2 hours 13 minutes

I can really tell that my shoes are coming to the end of life and am impatient that I chose the shipping option I did.  My cycling overall has been solid although I feel tired.  I also put my bike out to a mechanic on Sunday for a tune-up.  I need to replace the inner tubes afte I get it back, throw it on a trainer and try to get a fit dialed in.  Yup the links above are for me.

My runs have been good but erratic.  They are solid don't worry, but just a bit all over.

I have been paying attention to the HRV app and I can tell that my recovery is going very well.  I am hitting my last training period and about to hit taper while in Boston the week of the 24th.

My swims have been coming together.  So much so that i am breaking into under the 1:40 min per 100 yard range.  The best part was swimming early and being in the pool during Liz's break so Juniper could come and find me in the pool for once.  I arranged my lunch break to be accommodating to this.  She was so over joyed she was speechless.  She normally comes bellowing down the Center's hall saying 'Dada' quite loud and then getting to the glass where Liz has to let her know that not today.  So, being there when she came along and the equation changed was awesome.

I can feel the pressures of the event coming.  I have reduced my expectations a lot.  It's not that I am not doing the work, but its just different now expecting another and having Liz being pregnant and having to manage Me, Dennis and Juniper.  So to that end, I should be able to match last year, and who knows maybe I ma doing a lot better than i think.  The problematic thing is my weight is just sticking at 198 lbs and not budging.  I have tried a few different things.  Even doing a starvation from sugar.  the only thing that got me down to 195, was a few days of intensity. So, I know what I need to do after the 70.3 IM in St George.

While I was up running in the mountains heading into a 1000 ft vertical climb over 4.5 miles, I was grateful to be out in nature.  I came across some 30 head of deer.  I encountered a few folks and a few dogs.  The funniest part was the angry squirrels.  I was just about the apex of the trail that then heads back to Spring Hollow or 3rd dam, and in the trees just before the Aspen grove, they were going crazy.  It was like they were protecting newly born squirrels or something.  I haven't seen to many squirrels int his canyon so it was cool and funny.  Anyway, I took my time on the run and then hustled back before dark int he twilight to get back for family.  I know my hobby and training is taking a bit of a toll on the family as it is about 3 weeks from the event and this is when its a bit tougher to juggle all the demands, and then not fall apart and die during the event.

I am grateful that my family supports me in my craziness and doesn't disown me along the way.  I'm sure its been thought about a few times tho.  Anyway, life is good.  Hope it continues.  Easter/Passover was good and simple for us and that is what Liz wanted to focus on this year.  It's a fun and wonderful time of the year.  Spring is in full swing.  back to training and life.

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Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 1 - Brick 1, Brick 2
Activity 1 - Swim 1, Swim 2 (Drills - Legs)
Activity 1 - Long Run
Activity 1 - Long Ride


Weekly low 195.8

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


Focusing on the basics, breathing, high hips, turning on the punch, leading with hips and a solid catch.  See the Swim link video above.


Getting in some time in the saddle and some hills.  The Meridian hill is no joke.


Surviving the destruction of the current pair of Mizuno Wave Cration 17's - over 600 miles.  I can feel it in my core and bio mechanics.


Doing the right things 95% of the time - still frustrated.

Weights and Strength


Weekly Pics

Cue the Wierd Al song - I'm Fat

New Wetsuite - Vendetta by Xterra - last run of this series - got a great deal
2 years makes a difference in how I look in a wetsuit.  

Liz said to strike a pose.  bleh.  :)

A moment of reflection

A moment of stretching

A moment to breathe

After making Juniper's day.

Easter Sunday moments

Chasing waterfalls

My boy Dennis - 11 Years old

Family Eater/passover capture.

After climbing meridian hill - Cat 4 climb.  phew

making my presence known on the roads - grr....

2 ingredient pankcakes - eggs and bananas

Bridger look off on my long run


Switchbacks ahead

The new stack.

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