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2017 - Week in Review - 27 March - 02 April

Weekly Reflections and Focus

I have been concentrating so much more on mental and mindset,  and I have seen the deficit in my body a bit. I am hoping that the framing of this allows me to capitalize the best for me.  As I really would like to complete and do well at a full IM (long term goal 2018 maybe AZ).  When the suburban that tried to right hook me the other day it just rendered me to being bewildered and grateful.  Grateful that I was aware of the potential problem that may occur, whether that was inspiration or awareness it is not clear in the nuance.  Let's be real, at the end of the day I want to just get home healthy and strong and in tact for my wife, son and daughter including our soon to be. Even though I was in the right (right hook scenario) I was present and fully aware and it really allowed me to adapt better and survive the situation.  To pedal away safe, and bewildered at the fact that my potential safety was needlessly compromised because of another trying to save or gain some time, is a big improvement for myself.

It's both disruptive but it is what I know for almost 7 years now.  I guess this is where my head strength is required. During my travels I use it as a time to catch up on podcasts, and the fellas at Crushing Iron had a few knock out good podcasts.  They made me reflect and think about where I am at.  Further, folks all around me have been asking why we or specifically why I do it.  I know at first it was because it was to get back to being healthy and be me.  Liz deserved that.  I think it has become the way I don't turn off and drift away in the rat race.  It's where I can maintain the ability to feel alove for my wife and our family.  I mean work is work and travel is less than glamorous when it comes down to it.  Yes, there are perks and b/c I have accumulated different perks and statuses, there are some eases that occur. But it is not home.  it is not that place I get in the pool, my sanctuary where it is just me and time, and rhythym and breathing and feeling comfortable in my skin.  Think about it, most folks freak out and run away from being wet.  the other day it was pouring as i walked out of the store, and I just stopped and 'looked up'.  I was just existing and feeling the rain.


Good podcast catch-ups from Crushing Iron while traveling.  Catch up here.

Take aways-
The concept of accumulation and not cashing the check as it were into fatigue (too much intensity or too many activities), that leave me in being in debt the whole time.  This is critical to understand and recovery is such a vital component.  If I don't listen to my body I will be wrecked on the day of the event.  Although I concentrate more on the journey now, I still need to remember 1 epic training day or moment does not a great event make. Further, thinking about self,  I am finding without a coach always trying to identify where I really am in the fatigue feeling.  This is very interesting to think of, that as I delve deeper into swimming that slowing down immensely instead of thrashing through waters with a heavy focus of just being relaxed.   I tend to focus my concentration in breathing, bilateral, or 3 x 6 or 4's to a change on a 3.  Trying to achieve stroke output and efficiency a bit more, keeping a quick turnover in stroke, and take time to focus and get comfortable in position of head, rotation and feel.

Riding/cycling - Lately, I am just pedaling and enjoying the fact that I am riding.  Hammering into hills. Then, laying back into being extremely comfortable, meaning I am not going to gas out or stress on mph, but capitalizing on the opportunities that present themselves and mentally strong to keep and maintain mental strength when difficulty or adversity presents.  So hearing the cross domain difficulties that present allow a mindset that isn't disruptive.  Afterall, triathlon is just a set of problem solving activities.   From managing and adapting nutrition to the day and the course.  To the adaptation of weather conditions, other participants, cars etc to maintain safety but also towing the line.  Being in a state of being present, not drifting, staying in the moment but aware of things 5 seconds to one minute ahead and preparing for the overall challenges the course in each discipline presents - except for swimming, swimming is just about not drowning.  Let's be real, the swim if in a wetsuit is quite safe.  rollover relax, re-center, get back at it if needed.  Plenty of boats and relief if I need to shut it down.

Family/Life/Balance - Gratitude & more
Liz, my wife,  is a wonderful person.  First we are in slightly different areas in life, but very compatible.  I reached a point where I was getting beyond feeling as it were in a physical state.  Then I have a tendency to go 'all in', regardless of impact to self. Her patience although anxious, is a great quality she asserts when required.  I am grateful although she has been challenged vis-a-vis infertility and other things (family balance Tri perspective).  Not everything is perfect, and b/c of that at times it eats at her.  Not sure how I really identified this compatibility as I didn't on my own. I feel we both identified this and then throughout our courtship we navigated through our strengths and weaknesses as we still do to this day.... Yup, grateful.  I think I am probably the luckiest fella in the world when I pushed her over in the snow and said yes, and then later she said yes in Maryland on our wedding day.

Dennis (Our brilliant 11 year old son)- 
Liz and I love our boy.  He is amazing.  He is intelligent and quite intuitive in hacking through things he has interests in.  His technique is a blend of Liz and I, however it is quite unique and very much his own.  So, what I am finding is that Liz and I don't understand the disruption of Juniper and now number 3 b/c we didn't have a choice due to responsibilities, fear of failure as it were is not an option for us, but for him his anxieties manifest in a way that he doesn't know how to cope yet where Liz and I know how to more....

It is an interesting thing to consider- the investment that is put into "Emotional freak out", and the amount of energy put into it is commonly greater than coping mechanisms.  Dennis does this as he begins to navigate adolescence.  Liz and I are trying to learn effective methods to help him become self sufficient in these areas.

Internal question(s)
Is my watch holding me back'?  How do I let myself go?  How do I break through?
What I mean - is how often do I let measurements of data either control me, limit me, or distract me from ultimately achieving my potential bests.  These measurement points and data information sets, although valuable may not be what is needed.  Example, run a 5k with a watch and without a watch. With the watch at 1 mile or 1 Km, look at the watch, will that information prevent or enable the desired outcome?  I'm beginning to think during the run slower to run fast stages - example of building base, it's great.  But for intensity, it's more feel - I can still collect the data, but only review post.  Reviewing the data to identify feedback to make changes if needed.

A decent week, with 33 more days to go!

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - RUNSWIM
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RIDE
Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 1 - RUNRUN 2
Activity 1 - SWIMBIKERUN


Monday morning weigh in 197.3

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


UP the concentration to broken 200's and 400/500 cycles.  Uptick in frequency and volume.


Get a ride or 2 in.  Climb Blacksmith Fork.  Get comfortable, get aero, find groove.


Need new shoes.


Be more vgilant.

Weights and Strength


Weekly Pics

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