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12 February 2017

2017 - Week in Review - 06 Feb - 12 Feb

Weekly Reflections and Focus

So this week has been a bit all over the place.  Travel was a bit rough on Monday and to save a few corporate dollars I went from SLC to DTW to SAT.  Not to worry, after next week I will go to NYC and then out to SF.  So, it was a bit of a disruptive week.  The positive thing, though is the podcasts I listened to out to SAT.

This is quite an interesting topic in a lot of ways. The topics very easy to apply in a broad spectrum of topics and not just triathlon. In a lot of ways, although it was an initial motive for me to get back in the saddle, I committed many of these sins, and then ultimately, I identified a lifestyle that I needed to change. I could listen and identify a lot of things that resonate with me during the podcast discussion and review my progression in approach, practice, and discipline. The one thing in the changeover I have been trying to focus on while training for May 6, my personal need to maintain a good life balance and bridle my passions so they don't become destructive to myself, my family, and my circles of influence.

So, a good referral and review of my transformation Tuesday posts and race reports are in order (Transformation Tuesday post). My current training and focus is a bit easier when I am traveling but it also is a pain when home on the weekends because I need to juggle family and training. Keeping family needs in front of this hobby and finding a way to balance it all is the persistent challenge. I could get back and get a great early morning Saturday swim after a very poor night of sleep. We took on some water this week (at our house - flooding in the valley) with the rain and fast melting snow in the middle of winter. Gratefully, great solid friends provided helpful insight and assistance and overall, we did OK. We had very little water damage, and I got in front of things. After getting a Friday start at 3:40 AM CST and then getting to sleep around 12:30 AM MST and getting up for the swim was rough. I kept it simple and made sure I concentrated on simple things like form, breathing and making sure every set that things were good.

The funny thing is when I wear my events gear, I am just wearing clothes. I do commonly make sure I wear something for me (70.3 IM Brand related), but I am thinking that it’s time to dial it back a bit, maybe not. The podcast is right about undertones of different things. However, it is quite cool to see various body types and the achievements that have been made when you see their events shirts. I wrote this quote during the week:
A kind reminder...some folks need support and pick me ups at this time.....something to remember amongst all the t-shirts showing where they have gotten...others are just getting past their first steps.... mad respect to the many journeys out there....

Another good read:  When passion becomes destructive

Anyway, I think the Crushing Iron podcast has great material thus far and there is plenty more to listen to. The simple banter, good talking points and then discussion around the topics is their 'special sauce'.

I will say while in San Antonio the jump in heat was a bit over the top and the humidity which is not my preference was a bit of a challenge.  I ran two 6 miles runs but recorded less not he watch as I was trying to identify routes.  It was quite safe mainly with a few instances of needing to pay attention both at twilight and among the human obstacles.  I visited the Alamo and run the Riverwalk area that they are putting a lot of effort into.  I was appreciative when I stopped a running couple at the water fountain to confirm that I could make it out to 'Brackenridge Park'.  A lot of the runners out there waved and nodded and a lot of smirks and smiles.  A great environment.

What I was most grateful for though while in San Antonio was a bit longer days.  I went out a bit later and not feeling the rush to get in a run.  Although it did turn dark and the 2nd run I was running into Texas sized insects (gnats, mosquitoes, and cicadas), It felt comfortable and safe even in some of the darker spaces.  I felt that I got a good glimpse of the running elements of the city.  I had one runner burst on by me and made me feel like a slow tool.  That was good for me.  It's good to be humble when putting in time and training up for a race.  It's good to feel human amongst a world and its environment - a sometimes drastic effect.

I was talking about my training to some colleagues and one of them remembers me on one of the Health platforms my company was trying to use.  He made the statement, although I knew you were in a different place and doing a lot more than I feel I ever could, you never demeaned us and tried to be encouraging.  I was like great, but the platform sucked.  The one colleague was like, you are too kind, that thing was worthless, but I did learn stuff and got lots of points for steps :)

Anyway, my spinner activities are not my favorite, but I am getting them in to work those muscle groups.  The hotels do not have great options as they are recumbent styled.   I also took a couple of steps on a treadmill, and promptly got off the machine and went for a long walk.

My swim was good although VERY VERY fatigued.  The cool thing about this swim was watching two gals just nail it.  They were dialed into their session, and I didn't let it disrupt me.  They were great swimmers and made me look novice for sure.  I didn't feel I had anything to prove nor had to keep up or beat them, as the swim this week was just staying under a 2:00 minute per 100 yards.  I think I did that well.  I overheard one of them say, I hate swimming more than 100 yards at a time, he must be training for a triathlon or something, b/c 300 - 400 yards at a time just sucks.  Always nice to hear the little things.

We also have some other news.  It is confirmed and I thought I would drop this hear as I am getting views from family and friends at times.  We have let immediate family know and trying to let others find out slowly. 

Enjoy folks.  Remember to enjoy the journey and keep things with the proper perspective.  I am starting to increase volume and figure I will be focused on hitting 5-7 hours a week.  That is the time I will put in at 70.3 IM St George.  Enjoy, until next week. 

Oh, and despite traveling and being in Texas last week, I did well with my nutrition although I think I will be approx. 197 lbs. tomorrow morning - Monday - on the scale.  Ramping up my water intake and steadily decreasing unnecessary things and sugars too.

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - Travel and weather got in the way
Activity 1 - RUN - the Out,  RUN - The back
Activity 1 - Remember the ALAMO - RUN
Activity 1 - FAMILY AND Travel
Activity 1 - SWIM,  RUN


Monday morning weigh in 196.4

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


Fatigued, but concentrate on breathing, rhythm and form.   Try to stay sub 2:00 min per 100 yards.


Spinners suck!


Just run.


Getting serious.

Weights and Strength


Weekly Pics

Travel food options.

Historic San Antonio

The Navarro homestead

Riverwalk, dynamic stretches on the back.  Haven't melted yet.

San Antonio River walk

screen capture of Dennis and Juniper

Going the other way not he San Antonio River walk.  

Trying to not melt on the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Remember what?

The Alamo.

Was pretty small actually but cool.

big buildings.

streets walking back from he Alamo.

The pond in our crawl space.

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