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2017 - Week in Review - 13 Feb - 19 Feb

Wellsville Mountains over my shoulder, oh and sunshine on my shoulder = Happy!

Weekly Reflections and Focus

So, I imagine some folks wonder what my motivation is here for my blog.  To be honest it is for me, a journal of sorts, a diary of my activities.  I try to maintain a weekly update cadence and sometimes I do well and others I don't.  I use Strava and Garmin tools to capture and record data, but I use this as a way to review my feelings, what i was doing and how the outcomes were.  To be frank, i try to keep it to triathlon and life balance topics.  Every so often I tend to promote things I have found to help me in an effort to perhaps help others.  In short, it is a reference-able instrument for me to measure and review my journey at its different states or moments in time.  My sincere hope is for those that come across it, there may be something worthwhile while, a value-add if you will, in their own journey.

That being said, my runs this week were solid.  I was able to just get into cruise control and burn in almost 7 miles in an hour.  I would have made it easy had I not stopped to pet 2 dogs and the 3 - 4 minute stop at 10th west.  It was good to just go sans HRM strap and pay attention to my 'feel'.  I stopped and did some dynamic stretches also along the way.  I am trying to build up my hips and abduction so that when I am tired at the end of a long 70.3 distance, I can just keep going.  I have incorporated this exercise as part of my dynamic exercises Run Smart Online video - (Facebook link).

My swims have been solid, too. This is regardless of some of the chaotic folks that just jump into occupied lanes in groups of 3 or 4 and completely oblivious that lap swimming is going on. One evening there were two lanes occupied by 4 young women (high school and college age), but it was apparent they were not confident enough to ask the disrupters to please carry on over to the open parts of the pool. In fact, as I was coming over to occupy the 3rd lane, I sat there crouched observing and waiting to see what happens. Finally, they clear the lane and I get to putting in my mile for the evening, and as I come to the end, I see one of them deliberately come off the rope into the lane, so I kept my head down and swam through to the wall and then back through after the wall push. In the end, the two nights of chaotic folks all over the pool didn't overly disrupt my work outs. It used to be I would just flip out and aggressively posture up. Anyway, my swim 'feel' has come a long way. I do sink downs to remind myself of the breathing I would like to have in the water. I don't think I am going to be able to get an OWS in prior to my event, unless I go and re-do the stupid 36 degree 10 minutes of stupidity at porcupine once the cap subsides.

Lasik follow up. The numbers are in. Left eye is strong at 20/20, and initial post op at 3:15 PM after procedure occurred approx. 9:10 AM is 20/25. For an eye that has been significantly problematic since I was 12 years old. This is AWESOME. A little irritated and dry, but I will be flying on Monday. I woke up with a dry eye on Sunday but I am really liking the results so far. one of the most identifiable measurements is the lack of 'stars' when out at night.

Now to the life balance and family stuff.  Liz and i found out about 2 weeks ago that number 3 is on the way.  We still have two frozen embryos but nope, no science needed in this one.  It's a kind miracle of sorts.  Dennis was excited and I shared a link to our video reveal to him last week.  We finally put it out more publicly on Facebook today, so it's time to share in the blog.  the interesting thing is that we weren't trying, and Liz checked on a whim, and she finally tested positive on a non blood draw stick.  So, here we go through the crazy madness again, arriving sometime in September.

I am starting to travel to both East and West coasts.  The build up to 70.3 St. George is going to be interesting again this year.  Here's to hoping we all fare well.  A new lifestyle of triathlon 70.3 and beyond will be interesting this year.

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - RUN, SWIM
Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 1 - LASIK Touch up Right Eye
Activity 1 - Post surgery RESTING


Monday morning weigh in 197.3

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


Solid swims, and keeping at about 1 mile at least to 1.2 miles.  Mixing in kicking and no pull buoys.


Stuck to hotel spinners, nothing this week as it was raining or I couldn't get out until twilight.


Run form, breathing and 'feel'.


Been a bit off the boat.  Keep it simple, time to course correct.

Weights and Strength


Weekly Pics

Post run.

Wellsville, mountains

Olive garden with mom... V-tines lunch

About to get to work

Curly q's.

Mommy loves my curlies.

Time for some treats.

I'm digging' this ice cream mom.


i can't run after they stuck a shiny light in my eyes.

Stick a shiny light in my eye, and I get an ice cream.  yup.

Block the Dennis, yes, yes I can!
Dennis, I'm a middle child now

I'm a big sista

Photos?  Again?

The happy kidlets

dance, dance, dance

Mommy and the soon to be big sister

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