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24 January 2017

2017 - Week in Review - 08 Jan - 14 Jan

Sun Salutation at Oyster Point Bay in South San Francisco

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - SPINNER, Satan's Sidewalk
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - Run PT 1, Run Pt 2, Walk out
Activity 1 - RUN (Pre-Flight)
Activity 1 - SWIM


Monday morning weigh in XXX.X
Sunday Morning weigh in XXX.X
Saturday post activity weigh in XXX.X

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


Focus on bi-lateral breathing, exhaling fully under water, head still in my breathing rolls, hip rotation.


Survive the spinner.  90 - 110 rpm at 45 - 60 mins.


Release the stress.


Be better

Weights and Strength


Weekly Reflections and Focus

My concentration on training this week was heavily disrupted by my professional work responsibilities.  At times, in work, control is a hard thing to maintain.  I am working with a particularly broken client - the reason why I am assigned to it.  The stress hwas out of the roof and it has affected me a bit.  I tried to stay in fron of nutrition and eat differently and better.  I brought a daily serving of the current nutritional shake drink I have switched to SPORT Organic Plant-Based Protein - which  has become my replacement to VEGA and GoGnarly product options.  In Fairness, I still like gognarly but VEGA has been tearing me up.

All things aside, I did get a few runs in.  Although they felt off.  Because it took me a bit to push pass the stress, and then on two runs, avoiding the polecats (skunks).  One night I ran upon one, slowed down, it stopped, reared up like a woodchuck and started chirping.  I was not going to wait for the cavalry, so I doubled back on my route.  The next night every mile I came across one or two more skunks.  I am grateful I did not get sprayed. I found the Brisbane Lagoon to Bayside Park trail.  I only go from Brisbane to the Oyster Point maina, but looking at the link and the map card, it looks I like I have room to explore.  It was good the one night to get out to the great highway.  I burned a 2 mile hard hi tempo run and then cruised back.  I realized on that run I hadn't eaten all day, and I gased out and walked the last .5 mile in twilight - b/c I forgot my light and vest.

Well I was able to break in my Christmas gifts a bit.  My new Nathan Light Streak Vest is nice.  it's lightweight and unobtrusive.  I think the Large XL is a bit to the too big, but so far during the chillier nights I am using it, I can make it tight enough to not be bothersome.  The front and rear lights are good, although you have to turn on the back before putting the vest on if solo unless you are some ninja yoga master.  Thanks for the Christmas present to my wife.

I also got to break in my new headlamp on a run or 3.  It is a Black Diamond Storm .  This was similar to the one I got Liz for her birthday.  It has a lot of great options.  Truthfully I used it at the New Years eve run, but this time i was able to play with the settings a bit.  It provides solid and consistent lighting and has similar challenges as do other head lamps - moving on the head a bit, but it casts a good amount of light and reminds me to keep head steady while running, unless skunks are near.

Anyway.  Training is ramping back up.  I have another disruption the week of February 14th as I have a touch up of Lasik on my right eye.   Overall things are good even though the work stress was over the top this week.  Grateful that I have chosen something that allows me to find balance when traveling.  One of these days I will figure out how to travel with my bike :).  Ok Probably not, but maybe.

Weekly Pics

Made some waffles

New Roka R1 googles.  Awesome, worth every penny

This was funny

Oyster Point Bay pre flight - sun salutation

Oyster Point Bay

Oyster Point Bay on the fixed fishing pier

Breaking in the christmas gift - Nathan's Light treak vest

Avoiding skunks.  Had one or two every mile for 6 miles.  Crazy

Funny stuff, given we got nearly 4 feet of snow and then -25 F

Yes, FEMA will deliver you

Fun ride

Rain doesn't stop training.

SLC Airport food - Cafe rio - veggie burrito no enchilada sauce, and no cheese.....

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