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2016 - Week(s) in Review - 19 December - 31 December (The years end)

Currently me - Lasik completed no more glasses

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )
Week of December 19 - 24th

Activity(ies) - Run 1, Run 2, Run 3
Activity(ies) - Brick pt 1, Brick Pt 2
Activity(ies) - Rest Day
Activity(ies) - Brick Pt 1, Brick Pt 2
Activity(ies) - RUN
Activity(ies) - Christmas Eve - Family First/Rest day

Week of December 26th - Jan01

Activity(ies) - SWIM 1, Swim 2, RUN
Activity(ies) - RUN
Activity(ies) - RUN
Activity(ies) - SWIM
Activity(ies) - SWIM 1, SWIM 2
Activity(ies) - RUN



Targeted Activity and Focus Points


Getting comfortable with my new eyes.  Bi-lateral breathing.  Breathing correctly.  It was recently brought to my attention through some videos in the tridot pre-season training group I am in, that I have been breathing all wrong.  Helpful link
When you are swimming you should always be exhaling except when you turn your head to inhale. You can exhale       through your mouth or through your nose or through both, it doesn't matter. But when your face is in the water you should be exhaling all the time in one constant stream of bubbles.


Just getting some time on the spinner.


Making sure I don't blow up - biomechnics, form, cadence and feel.


Survive the holidays - switching back to disciplined nutrition.

Weights and Strength


Weekly Reflections and Focus

The biggest thing I have been concentrating on is 'feel'  My HRM that I like has not been functioning properly but after the two week break, I can just concentrate on 'feel'.  I am beginning to sense when I am just cruising, letting it go, or just falling a part as it were.  I think I find much of my training in tempo/threshold b/c that is where I am the most comfortable now with my base.  I can run out 5-8 miles on a whim a few days a week.  I can do this with a 7:45 - 8:15 min/mile pace.  It all depends on the recovery and resting phase or at the end of the week of training.

I have been please with my Lasik surgery outcome.  While it is not as perfect as it most likely will be in the end.  The initial outcome is that the astigmatism is corrected.  I feel that I am nearsighted now and hope we will dial that in.   I can at least say that I am able to see as well I as I did in glasses or contacts.

I have really been back and working on the small things in swimming.  I am finally getting the hang of bi-lateral breathing.  I am amazed at how natural and at the same time awkward it feels.  Breathing is so much more critical than I thought.  I am now able to exhale through most of my stroke underwater and breathe on the inhale and roll.  I am sure it is not at all perfect as I am not a drill master nor am I willing to put in all the extra time required to perfect that stroke.  My current challenge is to actually slow down and just swim.  I normally range around 1:50 min per 100 yards and have had a few glimpses at 1:35 min per 100 yds.  For me, focusing on these little things in the pool should yield the greatest returns in the open water.  Typically it takes 400 yds at Sand hollow reservoir to loosen up and become comfortable in the 60 degree among the maytag mayhem of the others doing the same. I truly think I can turn in a 50 minute swim this time around and maybe faster but I am sensible and know that I like to estimate a 'reasonable' outcome.

This has become a large focus in our family life.  I have been home for most of the month of December and it has been really good.  I am grateful more than ever to my loving wife, whether she knows it or not.  I try to convey this, sometimes I do well at it and often I speak in a completely 'idiot-like' language in all things as a spouse.  My son who is 11 had his world turn upside down on July 03, 2015 when his little sister Juniper arrived.  It has had a ripple effect on him that we have yet to completely figure out.  Now, that Juniper is 18 months old on Jan 03, she is finally becoming less of a focal point.  Dennis has always gotten an established Daddy-Dennis time when I travel.  I try to make sure that happens regardless of the training I am doing.  I try to spend a focused 30 minutes to 1 hour with him.  All he wants now though is electronics.  So we will be continuing to work on this and trying to identify that 'sweet spot'.  Being an adult and a parent and not destroy the next generation in our attempts to focus them in a meaningful direction, is a challenge.  It's like trying to dial in nutrition among all the options out there.  Trying to identify our family's balance so we are able to identify joy when it happens through 'happy' moments is the real challenge.  It's more difficult than bi-lateral breathing, or running in great posture or dialing in aero into a perfect cadence for myself while cycling.  That's all folks.

Here's to a great year, and hope this following meme is contagious in the upcoming year:
Let's be thoughtful and kinder in our journeys.

Weekly Pics

Best meme ever.

Finally an altra product I feel I can personally endorse.

Trying for zoolander since daddy and dennis did it --- Juniper.

It is my sincere hope that there bonds grow forever and ever and are maintained long beyond my time on earth.

A sensible but crazy notion from one of the bestest runners ever....

Ok, ok.  It started in August.

Crazy science dad, crazy!

first run post lasik surgery.  no corrective lenses.  I can wear sunglasses.  priceless

Finding the new me post lasik surgery.

Hey, look, i got loose.  Time to crack down.  14 lbs to go.

2nd run post lasik, feeling surprsingly good.  I was at a 7:15 min/mile pace when i decided to get some photos.

This is called a raclette cooker.  Memories of Strasbourg and my goodwill chuch service mission to Paris in 1994 -1996.

When we break out the raclette, we don't hold back.  Keeping it healthy but still embellishing.

Dennis does know how to have great moments.  Mom and son.  Love em both.

Finally, 'Old Man Winter' bringing his magic on Christmas day, or is it hannukah, or tribute to Odin. :)

Looking up to Grandma G.  Juniper knows her family.

My wife listened and got me some desperately needed new jammers.  I started at a 38 inch waist and now a 34-35.  Look at that lift these things give me,  

The only treasures in life that make me 'tri' harder.  Only mom is missing.  I am blessed.

Lerning to bi-lateral breathe and exhaling correctly while swimming.  It's hard but felt good.

5 miles in and feeling good mostly.  cold, but solid.  eyes are amazing things.

my favorite shoes when it is sketchy out.  These have been awesome.

2016 run totals in strava

2016 cycling totals in strava

2016 swimming totals in strava

Traditional egg mash that is a typical breakfast for training

My hair is awesome dad, and my outfit is the cutest.  Juniper almost 18 months.  in 2T.

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