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29 June 2016

2016 20 June - 26 June - Week In Review

One Ironman, One Half Ironman.  Chris Buda and I at confluence.

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(I don't always provide links, so, please copy and paste if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - UPdate from Strava links
Activity 1 - Run Part 1
Activity 1 - Run Part 2
Activity 1 - Run Part 3
Activity 1 - Run Part 4
Activity 1 - Run Part 1
Activity 1 - Run Part 2
Activity 1 - Run Part 3
Activity 1 - Run Part 4
Activity 1 - Rest Day
Activity 1 - Travel Day
Activity 1 - Bike Ride


Monday morning weigh in XXX.X
Saturday post activity weigh in XXX.X
Sunday Morning weigh in XXX.X

Targeted Activity and Focus Points

No access to pool or OWS, Gonna pay the price on July 9.

A brutal ride with over 4000 vertical ft climbing and the same in the descent.

Concentrated on speed work and interval like distances in Central Park this week.  It was hot and humid but the overall pacing felt great.  I feel it is time to break through the overload I have felt since the May 70.3 St. George.

I don't want to talk about my failures this week.  Getting back to getting on the pony.  Birthday week, and impromptu family trip to visit family in California.

Weights and Strength

Weekly Reflections and Focus

So this week has been all over the place.  The good.  It was a good couple (2) runs in Central park this week.  i went out fast, even though I keep trying to discipline myself into slow approaches.  I guess I keep just thinking or feeling that I will just catch up to myself over time.  I think I need to get in front of this behavior in my runs so that i quite outrunning myself.  I turned both runs into long intervals and met my goals the second run.  4 miles under 8 minutes per mile for the 2 mile and 2 one mile intervals.  That is momentous for me as looking back when i started I could barely complete the 5k loop near my house in like 3.1 mile in 52:28 mins for a 16:29/mile (May 03, 2013).  And this was before I got to my largest weight a few months later.

Then Liz and I decided midweek to jump on the upcoming remote week and head back to California for Liz and Juniper to visit family.  On Friday, I decided to fly Liz and Juniper last minute home.  Although my business travels are rough at times on our family, it has perks.  A few miles and 10 bux later. Liz and I transitioned at the SLC airport, and Dennis and I were off on our man-venture to California driving from SLC to Sacramento area in Cali.

I had the chance to go on a birthday ride with a friend that recently finished his first full Ironman in Texas, Houston.  It was great.  We were able to catch up and punish ourselves on a grueling ride around Folsom Lake.  In the end I clipped my 42 mile requirement for my bday and so much more.  One of the climbs, I had to stop, but I finished then walked out after Foresthill bridge.  I walked about 1 mile perhaps.  I was not fueled right and did this ride on less than 5 hours sleep from Thursday to Sat.  There was one downhill segment that reminded me of the road to Haut-Koenigsberg in France just outside of Strasbourg.  This road is difficult to drive, and I did it on my bike, where I think I lost all my brake pads, I guess I should look.  In the end, i finished the 65 mile ride in the heat with good friends.  there was one rider int he 13 that had to tap out, which I thought would be me.  I did gain a second wind of sorts.  the major problem is I rode the 80% of the ride with my small chain ring only in the front.  On the drive from SLC I guess the derailleur cable was stretched and didn't have time to adjust pre-ride.  One of Chris' friends realized he had a tool and we made the adjustment, and I was back to riding about 14 mph and feeling like i was on the spin bike.  It was quite an epic ride to redo many of the areas I had grown up doing other activities.  Pics will be below, I hope.

I digress from training here.  We also went to San Francisco on Sunday.  i was able to take my family to the beach, walk the Golden Gate Bridge - something I haven't done since I ran in SF as a hgh schooler long ago.  And then through the city and onto Lombard street.  It was a great life balance opportunity.  Seeing my family and catching up with an old friend, which my wife is becoming better friends with, happens when friend is a girl.  It was a good diversion and needed break for our family.  It was a long day, but well spent.

Anyway, I am a calendar year older at 42.  I am maturing in many ways and still growing in others.  I am still imperfect, and have slipped on my goals.  I weighed in at 191 lbs.  So I am still under my 195 weight, but far off from the 170 lbs target.  It is time to re-focus, re-assess and begin to get after it.  Some of my current work stress needs to change, and that will come soon with new work assignments and clients soon, I hope.

Here's to another great week.  I am under prepared for my next event, but I will survive and muscle through just fine.  Hoping Liz does well at the upcoming Freedom run on July 4.

Weekly Pics

Boys are going solo

Salt flats, not ice

Dennis is the road tripping fool

Forresthill Bridge

Keep the good times rollin, SF here we come

Happy Juniper - at the ocean...

The first of many firsts today - San Francisco Coastline

Lovely Beach ladies

bury me - Smashing pumpkins

Thanks for the family capture Kinohi

Dennis at the Golden Gate

selfie at the Golden Gate

Family at the Golden Gate - Juniper asleep in the jogger.

Mom and Dennis schmoozing on the Golden Gate

Proof i was here - golden gate

awkward pose in the shadows on the golden gate - what a IM creeper

awkward angle selfie - mandatory tourist moment - golden gate.

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