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2016 - July 11 - July 18 Week In Review

Look what I found - Kohler mocks the 12 years of long hard work :)

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(I don't always provide links, so, please copy and paste if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - Pre-Flight Run
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 2 - RUN
Activity 3 - RUN
Activity 4 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 2 - RUN
Activity 3 - RUN
Activity 1 - REST DAY
Activity 1 - Alta Peak Series


Monday morning weigh in 192.0
Saturday post activity weigh in XXX.X
Sunday Morning weigh in 192.0

Targeted Activity and Focus Points

No time to swim this week

No time to ride this week

Central park runs were good.  Focus on being mindful, 2 miles at 80% pace and then mindful about maintaining heart rate between 165 bpm and 170 bpm threshold.

Tried to focus on this better, Had a few Vega nutrition recovery shakes with BCAA's and re-introduced BCAA's that we get from Complete nutrition.

Weights and Strength

Weekly Reflections and Focus

So, the week began with a good bang.  I went on a pre-flight run as I figured it would be either eat or run in the evening.  I need to begin earlier runs or rides with some of the upcoming work schedule changes.  The week continued in Central park where I changed focus to 2 fast miles at first, and then maintenance miles.  It worked well in my runs and the run along the Hudson River made me sweat gallons of salty water.  I am a salty sweater and I am trying to push my threshold for hydration.

Midweek, Liz mentioned to me that her friend was doing an event, and it sounded good.  The Discrete Peak Series and so we made arrangements to run this on the day of our 12 year anniversary.  We had a few questions which the now infamous Julian Carr (Race Director and participant) interacted with us clearly, concisely and positively.  This is how a RD should be folks, sure my humble opinion, but it was awesome.

Discrete Peak Series Reflections

I guess I should start off by saying I am an endurance athlete that is a middle of the pack age grouper. My results during this event were not my best by way of time, but mentally, you will see it was a good break through and accomplishment.  Life balance, health and happiness is a journey for sure, all encapsulated in this event.

So it was interesting to head back up and past Snowbird.  Years ago, in the winter of 1992, I fell off a cliff while skiing at Alta.  The particulars aren't too important, but it was something that i was reminded of as we drove up after dropping the kids off with my brother down in Pleasant Grove, Thanks Chris.  As we headed up the mountain road, over pushing the AC in our little car, I was taking in the scenery and letting my wife in on some previous experiences from years past - snowboarding and the like while going up to Snowbird.  Then the realities of Alta, set in.  In fact at first, I set those thoughts aside, really I thought so.  Liz and I hit the mini expo and checked in.  We were able to locate Liz's friend Lauren, and then get things ready.  I had some problems with my Racedots because I folded the race number.  Mental note, add a hole puncher to the pre race gear up so that Dot's placement is where I want it.

Once we got ourselves all together, we got to the race start area, where Liz had a small problem with water and we worked it through and took off.  A lot of congestion ont he single track trail with the alleged 312 starters.  The first part of the trail was a breeze and getting settled in.  Started to begin the hiking and running and settled into hiking towards the rear of the pack.  As we started making our way through things, I looked up and memories flooded back.  Memories of a skiing past where I was quite frankly reckless and undisciplined.  I realized we were in the section where I had my fall.  For years I thought the fall was approximately 30 feet or so.  Well, as I realized the measurement was far bigger, many things raced through my head.  It was wierd, being it was Liz and I's 12 year wedding anniversary.  By this time I had separated from Liz and Lauren ahead a bit.  Not so much to be alone, but was just at a different pace and it allowed me to have a battle in my own personal psyche.  Nothing big really, just appreciation.  A realization of how differently things could have gone through the years especially with the fall.  It was shortly after the fall that I realized that I needed to get direction.  That meant change.  Change from what I where i was heading.  Change in the magnitude and approach of this thing called life.  I recall being 18 years old and having achieved many of the shallow sought after goals I set (today bucket list items as it were).  I remember being at Alta and being like, I'm done.  I have done it all.  How Naive was I?

Int he reflections and seeing the magnitude of the cliff, I saw all the many cool tings that happened since then.  Serving a 2 year service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - which I am still an active participant - not the focus of the blog post.  Working for a .com professionally and snowboarding way too much.  Realizing the need to finish my undergrad where I met many friends along the way.  One of which became my best friend and wife, whom I was celebrating 12 years with this day.  Dating for 2 years and getting married in Washington DC.  Having our first child and moving across the country chasing work.  Then the long years of supporting my wife through secondary infertility until little Juniper arrived.  The various travel opportunities in work and friendships Liz and I created along the way.  The whole run was filled of these kinds of thoughts.  Many were very satisfying to which I am very grateful and many that left me bewildered and curious to why the fall on those death rocks was just a mishap without any negative consequences.

The run kept going.  We pressed on to the aid station, where some jokes were made with the volunteers, first rate folks.  Hands down one of my favorite coordinated events outside the Ironman branded events I have become endeared to.  Then off we went climbing up to the staircase around Mt Baldy.  Well this was psyche trip 2 for me.  I passed a chute I came to love while skiing and without snow, well that Chute is just plain stupid.  Cool, I skiid it like 15 times, but wow, am I stupid?  As we got to the bouldering piece, I let Lauren and Liz lead the way.  Funny thing, they didn't need me supporting them, I just needed to gut the rest of this one out mentally.  I am sure Liz will scratch her head saying, I didn't realize any of this, but guess what, it was my thing to work through while we had a great day together.  As we scrambled up I lost my grip a bit and tweaked my shoulder on a grip.  Not that big of a deal, but now, with the weight of being a husband, a father to 2 great and quirky kids, it meant soooo much more.  It's not to say i wasn't up to the challenge physically, but its been a while since I had to take on something like that mentally.  It was a good exercise.  So onward with caution and skepticism in my hand holds and foot placements I continued.  I scrambled down the near impossible to see trail, the ribbons were the only way.  As my quads were busting down the 5K that was left, I was going side to side every 4th step to assure I didn't tumble to an uncertain outcome.  I was chasing Liz the rest of the way at this point and the over eating of the caffeinated ProBar chews caught up with me.  I wasn't comfortable but took my time.  Finally got down to the access road and ran the last two miles.  Well, run, that's a kind description.

I had liz about 400 - 500 yards ahead of me y the time I finally got to the lower road, and couldn't put it together to catch her.  She beat me straight out, and I am hopeful she enjoyed that moment.  She has been working hard to get back to where she wants to be and she is getting there.  The problem of helping her achieve those goals is ever present in my mind as she has supported me through multiple things since I woke up to getting too fat.  

So anyway, I recommend the Peak Series to those that are able to run and boulder and push their limits.  It was a great event.  It was some serious quad busting, but ever so worth it.  Not too sure how to end this one, but I will by saying this:  

Liz is my best friend, my wife, my lover, my hero and a great support. I hope I am the same for her in my own ways. I know how lucky I am because i do not rely on luck, rather I control my own destiny in my choices and attached accountability. Here's to many more years, and hopefully we keep things where we need to be. I love my wife and family, and couldn't ask for 12 years any other way. Thanks Liz!

Weekly Pics

Stair climb around Mt Baldy

Stair climb around Mt Baldy

Stair climb around Mt Baldy

Stair climb around Mt Baldy

Subway post event in NYC  - E Train to Times Square

A reflection of 2 years of endurance oriented activities, challenges, memories and accomplishments (all personal and as a couple are quite significant to us).

Momma and Juniper playing Pokemon Go at Utah State University campus.

post event silliness

toughing it up the ridges

sideways view of the Stairclimb by Mt. Baldy

See what excitement I had to deal with?

the girls and another couple

Alta in the background, Mt Baldy almost, 250 yards ahead

If we only knew what the next 6 miles had in store....and that folks is how we find and define our own happiness as a couple.  And here we go into the great unknown, again :)


  1. you are so fortunate to have one another to share life, share these incredible experiences. so happy for you! congratulations on 12 years and congrats on 2600 ft!

    1. Such kind thoughts, thanks for stopping by and reading Lily, never mind the small grammar errors. :)


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