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03 April 2016

March 28 - April 03, 2016 - Week in review on April 03

Activities - Strava Logs (not linked as URLS on purpose, please copy and paste if you are strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 -
Activity 1 - took a rest day
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 - Family time and watched Barclay marathons with some Running friends
Activity 1 -
Activity 2 -

Monday morning pre-activity weigh in 190.7
Saturday post activity weigh in 190.0
Sunday Morning weigh in 189.3
Sub 190 appears again.

Targeted Activity and Focus Points
Early morning Saturday swim. We have some Saturday commitments so, I decided to do more of a speed workout and it went well. I finished feeling pretty good actually. The talking teenage swim team kids just kept talking and talking, I kept thinking, you are wasting so much oxygen. I started to twist and reach a bit more and felt pretty good. The spadework was fun and broke up the length. Next Saturday will be another 4 by 500. Progress, plain and simple, ready to go into taper.
Man oh man. It was so windy that getting into aero was crazy business. Coming out of aero was wobbly to, so I have to admit I was less than 20 percent aero on that ride. I upped my cadence and down shifted for less resistance to try to cut through the cross head wind to no avail. Tricks were not working.
Solid runs in Central park. Whats a great way to run in a different zone, forget your arm and say you didn't. Well Strava one upped me based on my times and estimated for me. I fartlek'd away on some good solid times for me. I am definitely pushing through the 8:30 min pace.
Weights and Strength
Lunches were mainly falafel and tofu wraps this week. One dinner at a place called Gourmet Meats - Salmon and artichoke, with one bite of bacon and peanut butter creation, never again.
Dinners - mainly Whole Foods take and go with fruits or veggie burger plates. Portions are well controlled. I have also been getting Plant Fusion single serving protein for shakes and drink those once a day. My water intake this week was ok, 3 bottle of 28 oz at least a day that I concentrated on. Then at home did well except for when brownies appeared.
Weekly Reflections and Focus
Overall this week was fairly solid. i was able to not only maintain my weight but also hit a solid 190 for 2 weeks straight now. Much less eventful week in the park as i was out later. Much of my focus was portion control through meals at work. I had only one meat day and its was salmon at a place in Manhattan called Quality Meats. It was a decent industrial posh location, just too much meat for a whole foods plant based guy.

Not too much else to add other than the podcasts from Endurance Planet are fun and great information. I looked up the main female voice and she was totally not what I expected, just painted the voice to a different color hair and way the athlete may look. It's cool when coaches are true and represent who they are by also competing, this gal is the real deal. Flights and hydration were better during the flights and my feet did better (lately they have been swelling a bit). Trying to find a good flying routine wherein I don't forget other critical information like a power chord for a laptop. Next week I will be upping my CP run distance to approx 8 miles and keeping the run volume to Monday night and at least 2 other nights. then Sat morning is the pool, and Friday and Saturday bike rides. It's time to ride Sardine Canyon that links Brigham City Utah and Cache Valley Utah.. I am trying to determine what to do for event day nutrition.

Almost forgot. watched a documentary style film on the IMDB - Barkley Marathons, absolutely crazy and insane. a few of the folks from our local running circles got together and watched it. Talk about a crazy ultra styled adventure. I think even Forrest Gump would have been surprised by this and brought Captain Dan along. I was quite interesting to get a glimpse of such a peculiar event. It's like the Bonaroo for elite and peculiar ultra runners. Because of my style, my wife quipped that she thinks I might be that crazy. in essence its a race in a tiny town in Tennessee and is the most unlikely of places you would expect to find the hardest trail race in the world...I think for anyone into extreme oriented or endurance sports, its well worth the watch. The thing about endurance oriented athletes we tend to think someone is more foolish, or more hard core, or just plain into pain than ourselves. Enjoy! I liked it overall and for a documentary styled film it was a fun watch.

This week i picked up an aero bar hydration kit:
profile design aero hc system
profile design aero hc system.
kit mounted on bike

Also stickers from
Sticker Sheet
Sticker on bike

And Alas, some update progress pictures since I am now a steady state 190. Took some updated fitness photos:
look at those love handles dwindling. I guess a solid 190 for 2 weeks looks good on me.
Arm down - still have some visceral fat in the belly.
arm up shows that I can definitely see past belly to toes

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