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10 April 2016

April 03 - April 10, 2016 - Week in review on April 10

2400 yards in the pool

Activities - Strava Logs (not linked as URLS on purpose, please copy and paste if you are strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 - Na Activity
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 2 -

Monday morning pre-activity weigh in 190.3
Saturday post activity weigh in 190.1
Sunday Morning weigh in 187.7

Targeted Activity and Focus Points
The swim this week was interesting. My watch and I have problems at Pre-Dark Thirty. In the end, I did a 300 yard warm up 1 - 100, the 1 50. I then continue doing the same pattern from 100 yards then 50 yards. It felt really good this swim, although I I must say I wasn't too sure if I was going to reign it end and quite early. I pushed through.
The ride felt quite good this time. I maintained a steady pace and was in aero about 50-60%
As per normal runs were solid. I put in more distance in Central Park and also on my Saturday night trail run.
Weights and Strength

Weekly Reflections and Focus
This has been a solid week of training. The problem I have is Thursday I was just too fatigued because of work and had to take a rest day on Thursday. Training overall feels quite good still, and I am ramping up my volume. I listed to a most excellent podcast this week - Click here for podcast, I am becoming quite the fan of this gal named Tawnee Prazak, because I think my wife would identify with her story overall. Doesn't mean it is identical, but she seems like a decent athlete, something I know my wife feels she is.

My runs in Central Park in NYC this week were pretty standard for me.
I decided during this particular run I would change things up a bit. Because I was looking to add distance, I ran the loop different and added int he traverses. I find running later after the chaos of the day in Central Park suits me quite well. I am still focused on mindful running and assuring that posture, breathing, cadence and heart rate aligns properly for my fitness level.

My long run in Logan Canyon was particularly good. It was a long run. The wind was notorious as always, I took the route up the BST switchback, over to Green Canyon, came back. I interrupted approx 4 couples in their walks with my LED flashlight I carry on trail and night runs. I then headed into the canyon and just past 2nd dam and turned around heading for the parking are I left my car. Liz was tired from he events on Saturday (my nephew Ronny) and we ended up having my father and his wife Dawn come visit on Sunday. We have some neighbors that moved in behind us, and my wife is quite happy. She identifies with them and has plenty in common with he wife to make her a bit excited.

As things are approaching I was surprised with he scale on Sunday morning. I hit 187.7 and I didn't expect to see that number. For kicks and giggles I tried on my wetsuit. I am going to need a new sized one next year. Maybe we can sell it Neosport wetsuit; I just hope that it isn't too big on May 6. I really like the arms in my current suit.

I feel like traveling so much is a pain lately. I truly like the assignment I currently have, but with training I am not he verge at times. I love my family, and know they have made quite the sacrifice for me. I keep saying the event is on May 7, well it is actually may 6rh. 70.3 Ironman St. George, Utah. I need to start using the correct date as May 6th, 2016. Anyway. I feel that I am in the right place and will be ready for the upcoming event.

Of note, as I write this I am ready to fall asleep. My body is a bit fatigued but keeping up. I am thinking that 185 lbs for race date may be achievable. I just am curious if I can maintain the new weight and not concerned at all, too. Have a great week folks, please feel free to leave a comment. Here's some images from the week.

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