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Gaucho's Grill - Logan Utah -- Take 2

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So Liz and I ventured back to Gaucho Grill and I thought I would post a follow up.

Pineapple, chicken and turkey bacon wrapped

All things beef (over cooked or over seasoned)

The service was quite nice. We showed up with no planning and they were able to accommodate us rather quickly. The front hostess mixed us up a bit and we had to wait a brief 3 - 5 minutes and things were sorted through. The simple table decorations were what is expected at a Rodizio type place. The Salad bar and it's offerings were fresh and quite tasty. I recommend the tomatoes and anything green.

Liz mentioned to our server that she had a coupon that offered a 1/2 price on the second plate and it was not a problem even in electronic format on a smart phone. Drinks came quickly and the free refill for Liz's drink was a bit chincy but whatever. I had just arrived from paris France earlier in the day and i was needing to change my water to something with a little more kick and it took a few minutes but once I asked for a Mtn Dew I was quickly served. That little bit of caffeine really helped. Then came the rounds of what we were there for.

To be honest, I think they still have not sorted through the oven. The pineapple of course is well done and no complaints there. Anything wrapped in bacon was well done as well. I was a bit disappointed on the beef. If it was not seasoned properly it was over cooked. If it was cooked right it was over seasoned.

Overall, for the price and to avoid a trip to Rodizio's Grill in SLC, it is well worth the venture. One must be aware that this is not a Rodizio Grill replacement, rather this is a great option for those who want something similar and do not have to travel 180 miles or so round trip to enjoy a Rodizio styled restaurant in Logan Utah. It is a simple ambiance and even though it was -4 degrees outside, it was warm and cozy inside.

Would I go back. Sure. Is it my favorite. no. Would I recommend it, yes I would but I would also remind people this is not a replacement to the awesome option in SLC. The price reflects the difference and I think it is priced about right $20 a plate for a full Rodizio. It wasn't perfect but it is a great little joint in Logan Utah.


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