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Simple Travel tips (Two Facebook thoughts)

i always smirk when I see in my friend stream those non-frequent travelers that get a bit 'tweaked-off' when little travel disruptions or things occur....since January 2011 when I switched to delta, I have accumulated approx 290,000 real miles.....that being said...i can tell you flying through SLC is a dream....connecting through Atlanta without leaving the airport is quite a good option.....Detroit and North Carolina are hit and miss but normally good....JFK unless it is T5 and Jetblue sucks, but delta is making an effort to change customer service there.....Houston and Dallas are just ok.....i don't like phoenix, but it is simple....Vegas was nice but avoid key weekends, although we were there during a bowl game and it was good....oh ya, might I also add it is good to get an affinity program and stick with one airline for a consistent experience.....the tsa and the airlines are completely separated....were you listening...separate.....but the tsa experience in SLC is a dream, especially with pre-check.....so happy travels, take a chill pill and realize that the system is not targeting you.....sure it could be better, however do not ruin my consistent service due to your impatience and short-sighted understanding of a macro-Eco system of which you have only entered as a virus or cancerous entity... That is all, have a great weekend all....sincerely from Strasbourg France...... Also, Paris Frankfurt and Amsterdam are all decent, but plan time accordingly so you aren't stressed going through multiple passport controls or security re-do's.....Heathrow is very hit and miss and be ready for an occasional interrogation if on business.....trains.....i love me a good train....last tip...if going international, keep a stash of cash or travellers cheques in case you come across a place that won't accept our non-chipped american cards or worse running into an atm machine that is out of cash for changes in smaller locations where it isn't refilled but maybe once every day or two.....lastly....the customer is not ALWAYS right when international....be kind and courteous so the fellow travellers behind you aren't stereotyped for your arrogance or unpleasant demeanor due to frustration or embarrassment....that is all......time for another Alsacian meal..... 8 minutes ago near Schiltigheim, Alsace ·

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