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13 July 2012

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I just wanted to pen down how extremely interesting this week has been.  A quick expression of how I would like to use my french fluency with my current company.  Someone at the table sent an IM.  I have an email just past midnight asking of my fluency levels and my level of real interest.  Wow. 

So, currently i am waiting on the details.  more to come.  Last status is that my company is looking if they can make things work as we have 5 french speakers company wide and they need more on a project in Strasbourg France.

I have been expressing my desire to put to use this skill of mine lately with my wife and in my personal prayers.  On Tuesday night when I was in a sleepless frustration of sorts I asked very straight forwardly that this desire might be met.  the following evening the situation mentioned above occurred, and within 24 hours I have been alerted that this may actually happen.

Liz and I would like to know details and I firmly expressed that I do not want to relocate, but as one of my bosses/colleagues expressed while seeking advice -- you hold the cards shane, you have the language skill, you have the skills in the discipline that is needed, and you have direct cultural experience; so use it to your advantage.  Also offred as free-advice was to assure I know what happens at the end of the engagement especially where I will be moving to another team and we know that my current team will be required to fill my position immediately.

It is very humbling to know that there really is worth in expressing your deisre to the 'Big man Upstairs'.  that the Heavens are not silent, nor sealed.  That He is waiting for us to come and knock so that we may be amazed and then humble enough to remember Him in all things.  I will celebrate 8 years with my wife on monday.  I cannot believe how fast the time has skirted by.  We started very humbly and I would have never thought that we would be where we are today.  I am grateful to those that support Liz and I, and even more grateful to her supporting me, and desiring us.  We are not perfect, but we have a great relationship and I am grateful to her as a wife, friend and mother to our little boy.  We really have been through the wringer in some respects and have weathered the adversity well and are better for it.  It always seems a challenge with the travel, but I have a steady and secure job position for now.

I guess it has just been my stance that I have not ever had a break like this in a professional sense, and if things work through that I get to support this french client, i sure hope that my vocabulary returns and that I can quickly re-immerse into the french business culture so I may keep up.

That is all

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