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19 July 2012

Jackson hole/yellowstone

Well we didn't see yogi bear or boo boo, but we had a good time on a quick family trip to jackson hole and yellowstone.  My wife and I celerbrated 8 LLLOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG wonderful years together on July 16.  We decided to sneak up for the weekend before and decided to take Dennis too.  A colleague of mine said, 'how lucky are you to be able to sneak to Yellowstone for the weekend, for most of us it is a destination type vacation'.  Yes, yes, living in Utah is awesome.  It takes a bit over 3 hours to Jackson Hole from our home.  From Jackson Hole, without stops, Old faithful is about 2 - 2.5 hours.

Dennis had a blast at the hotel.  We burned some of my points at the Hampton Inn in jackson Hole.  I'd say Liz and I had a great time too, and enjoyed having having Dennis with us.  He thoroughly enjoyed his night out at Bubba's making friends with strangers.  Liz had fun staring at what may have been Billy Blanks.  She stared for like all of dinner.  Then while paying the bill, there were some folks wondering if I was Paul Giamatti.  I always laugh at that.  Maybe Liz and I will be Liv Tyler and Paul Giammati for Halloween this year.

Here's some JH and yellowstone pix!

That is all for now.

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