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15 June 2012

Typical situation

Well, as tends to be typical it has been some time since my last post.  A lot has happened but we will see what all I can recollect and place in an intuitive and interesting recap.

This past week I unexpectedly was allowed to stay home and work remote.  Somehow communication streams at work keep breaking down to the point that those who will be face to face with a client aren't getting the schedule changes as we once did.  Due to the merger and assets changing and minds who manage things, the communication failures are abounding again.  Let's hope they find a way to mitigate the problems and identify positive alternative to increase fluidity of communication.  All I would ask is a single, simple source to identify the information so I can book my travel in accordance with company policy.  As it is, my next trip to Maine will be a bit expensive, but I only got confirmation on Wednesday to go.

On to family things.  Liz is approaching the I have my real estate license phase.  She will conclude testing this weekend.  We recently purchased season passes to Lagoon this summer and have been once.  the next trip is planned for after her test on Saturday.

I am sitting here with mad sinus pressure due to the explosion of my allergies.  I am currently on a cocktail of claritan-d, two nasal sprays and about to introduce advil, tylenol or sudafed for sinus.  I actually took a sick day today to try and rest and recover.

Liz will be helping and assisting with Time out For Women in Logan.  This means I just got invited as arm candy to attend a few of the preliminary things so that she can be in-serviced.  Will be interesting.  Maybe all the husbands if any show up can find some gold clubs and stir up some fun. 

Liz and Dennis will head to Tennessee shortly to visit grandpa Mac.  Again due to schedules I will not be able to go, however liz and Dennis will come with me to Maine on my next trip.  We have determined that this summer they will come with me on a few trips as I have a lot of Delta sky miles, will be Diamond as of next week for the year,  and it will be good to have Dennis and Liz able to visit some places they have not yet been.  We are gauging things off this first trip.  Fingers crossed that it will be a grand fun adventure, of course after the time I put in at work with the client.  I anticipate taking them to see this lighthouse:
I am hoping that mid-summer will be a good time.  I have always liked lighthouses and have often felt that living on the coast of Maine near a lighthouse with a porch and a rocking chair will be a great way to retire.  Who knows, maybe it will work out if not, I have been given the great opportunity before I hit 40 to visit a few.  We saw a few in Connecticut while I was working at the Yale Law School.  Looking back it has been a whirlwind adventure since I joined what was then Sungard Higher Education which has now transformed into ellucian.  It has been a far better experience professionally than it was at Yale and in Farmville.  We do miss the people, but don't miss the mindsets.  We quite enjoy Logan, and our home.  Liz and a few friends have been digging into the landscaping that we have let slip and are making great progress (just be careful with my watering concepts, please).  The chickens are doing quite well and are producing eggs faster than we can consume them.  6 birds produce a lot of healthy fresh free-range eggs daily.

On to the airport scenery.  I have witnessed and had a few fun airport experiences.  I was in JFK on an emergency client visit and coming home it was quite ludicrous.  I always find it amusing the associations the travelers give to things.  Because people show up late and don't read airport expectations and help-aids, it seems many always tend to believe they have been singled out and are being crucified for choosing to fly in America.  The wait was a bit long, but in the end it was due to a unionized TSA shift change.  Those are always fun, and cause quite the disruption.  thank goodness I have priority.  I stopped by and spoke with a TSA leader in SLC and commended them on their approach through the terminal 2 security area that i normally frequent.  Even before Pre-Check it was generally quite fast.  Also, later while looking for something to eat, I was knocked into by a traveler, when i looked up I was surprised to see one American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez.  It was a brief and quick exchange and Liz said I should have gotten a photo (Blackberry photos stink).  What I was sad to watch is it was just her and her mother and no one seemed to notice the 2nd place contestant for the current season.  That was interesting to watch, and I was glad that I don't make a huge deal when I run into people....Previously this year Appolo Ono and I did similar in DTW and I about ran over Elder Nelson (apostle for the LDS church) in SLC as I was tending to messages on my phone. 
What else?  There was the WaWa experience.  I was sitting in my car getting things ready and police came up to check out the car next to me.  At least I got things squared away before heading to Dover, then all of a sudden guns were drawn and shots fired...nothing hit anything and the perp was brought into custody.  Because I had already made my purchases, I got out when safe asked the officers if I could get going and got out of Philly.  then later on the way to Dover, I was in the middle of a high speed pursuit.  Good thing I was monitoring my speed that night.  I didn't get in until about 1 AM EST that night.

There have been other things but nothing that I can think of clearly right now.  I am continually baffled at how slow people are to get on planes, but there need to exit is like someone that has had to pee for 12 hours and has not had an options for relief.  Even I with my complete disdain and distaste of using public facilities uses them while sitting in a chair in the air.  How amazing it is to think that just over 50 years ago, flying wasn't a major option for travel.  I have been thinking I should go up to the counters and demand I have status, but I get so much pleasure at watching others do it, really I have no desire to do that, but welcome my free upgrades when they do occur.

Life is good and busy and safe at this time.  Our family and friends seem to be doing well also.

more to come....


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