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Another day through phl airport

OK...attention non seasoned travelers....the tea and airlines are not one in the same...further, information is posted in many readable assets (paper, electronic, verbal voice queues)....prepare, know where you are going, arrive early...what is sufficient time for one airport may not be the same at another.....they didn't reach out to center on you out of 8 billion folks....in fact let's be honest, you probably are more agitated BC you are embarrassed and running behind....sure can things be more efficient, they sure could.....watch the movie up in the air, learn a few tricks.....learn what to not travel with.....can we all please try to exercise more courtesy, kindness and provide others peace and quiet so others don't get agitated over nothing......the joys of traveling via phl.....I mean cmon, would you rather drive, or horse and carriage or heaven forbid walk to wherever you are going....you will be in the air, in a chair and many of you online or enjoying a cocktail.....some days thinning the herd seems like such a great idea......

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