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political concepts

I have adopted more of an anti-government philosophy...regardless of political affiliations and doctrines it is government....I tend to believe the spectrum's could be classified in 3 major categories with a potential 4th.

1) Those who want to be self-sufficient and not controlled or better yet influenced by government (we will call this tax class- A)
2) Those who want to rely on government and inherently forfeit decision making opportunities to a 'government' suited to render decisions in those participator's behalf (we will call this tax class - B)
3) Hybrid of A and B (we will call this tax class - C)
4) Undefined (we will call this tax - D; to be defined by doctrinal title later) -  This is really unstructured but a thought that is on-going....

The US major political system is currently broken  (What isn't?:, national identity, border over/under-control, health care, economy, etc). 

We do know that the Republican party has the BEST engine into engineering a philosophy/ideology and drive into reality (love it, hate it - but true).  However, they commonly demonstrate impotence in creative ideas and are rife with intolerance and short-sightedness.

We also know that the Democrats are creative innovators but lack the Republican engine to deliver reliable results (gross generalities but hang in there with me for discussions sakes).

We also know the US Constitution exists, however what is its current purpose:  ideological or substantive?  Is it a fixed ideology or should we evolve it and grow it to meet the needs of the common citizenry of today?

We know that the current legislative and judicial branches typically neuter the other and the triangle once established for the doctrine of the balance of power has also been skewed by an electorate that has overgrown its originally conceived notions.

Regardless, we probably have drifted from many of the original intents of the creators of this country...we'd be hard-pressed to conclude with perfect proof what their exact intent was without them being here....the landscape has changed and the decision makers are still supposed to be the elected representative government as determined by one man, one woman, one vote doctrine.

The real question is where do we go?  Do we sit on our proverbial Irish arses, or do we become involved?   In the end, I think we start with an expression of citizenry and vote.  The unfortunate thing is that many think the only time to vote is for a President.  How wrong those persons all if they think that way.  Voting in local government is the most rapid way to demonstrate one's wishes and fastest way to create the momentum we need and inspire one's local friends and neighbors to do the same.

While I was in Alpine, Texas this week I was able to have a great time discussing things with a new friend.   He's a great guy who happens to be a project manager.  I wish him well while here, and success in his relationship with his current girlfriend.  We were able to speak freely and open engage in a discussion about politics.  It was great to speak freely and mature thought and develop consensus although our methods might have differed, the outcomes we desired were similar enough to find common ground and respect each others opinions...

Not too mention the multiple times I was stopped and pulled over by Texas Highway Patrol, and Border Patrol...note to self, when travelling that close to the Mexican border, assure that rental car is properly stickered....and assure proof of insurance is in tact.

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