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11 November 2010

A blog entry

So today I ate at the Cheesecake Factory in the Houston Galleria area.   It was amazing.  The service was wonderful.  I got a soup of the day and a spring salad all in anticipation if why I was really there.  Yes I am addicted to cheesecake.  So I got a Vanilla Bean cheesecake and they brought me hot caramel at my request.  It was PERFECTION!

The Galleria Mall in Houston is immense.  I stopped into the Apple store.  I think I am enamored more by the new 11 inch macbook air.  the low end is $1000 and twice an ipad.  but it isn't a cut tablet and has a hinge and a lid.  Macbook Air link --- Click here!

No while I was in the macbook store I came to a stark realization that the store fanboys and girls are truly not worth the hourly wage they are being paid....I heard some of the most crack-headed responses to the customers and potential purchaser.  One of the questions offered by a potential buyer should have been answered by an earlier post of mine:
So later when the little asian gal was saying hun this is to slow, and he responded saying well I can't see what you mean, and then i alerted them to terminal (*Nix tool) and a little shell called top.  Amazing, they walked out with two macbookpros saying thank you to me and not the sales person.  All the while I am thinking, where's my ipod for making your sale macgeek.

I have been a little sick this week.  I truly think it is the hotel that is making me sick.  I feel fine outside of it, but once i walk into the damp atmosphere....ah ha...MOLD!!!!   and humidity.....

I do miss my wife and son.  I am pretty lucky, naw I am am phenomenally lucky.  To be blessed with my wife.  To have a great little boy that is growing up faster than we can keep up with.  To have been provided an opportunity to choose exactly where we wanted to be.  To have the callings that keep me ticking in my faith and provide me access to providing service to those I serve through my callings.

Anyway....Just wanted to post something....

1 comment:

  1. And blessed to be able to have that cheesecake!! I'm glad you had a good time. Maybe you need to grab some Claritan and see if you feel better from the mold....or bring the Nasonex with you.

    Love you, can't wait to see you tomorrow!


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