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20 October 2010

Interesting thoughts....

I have been speaking with my wife about a few things.  We have been talking about how humans tend to trust in self.  She came across a blog where an 'Atheist' explained that being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the only doctrine that he could maintain his attributed 'Atheistic' viewpoints.  Of course he wrapped up with wondering if he could have his beer in the afterlife which led me to believe that he is a well-thought person but not overly self-absorbed.  Anyway.

What I am concluding is why do we as humans that yearn to find a 'Deity' rely only on human proof.  What I mean is, we commonly dispel the notion that 'Deity' might be part of the discovery process.  Why is it that a human cannot have a method of direct communication with 'Deity'?  Is it because we as humans are fearful of trusting something above self?  Is it because if there is indeed 'Deity' we must also accept that the opposite force or 'Devil' must also exist?  Or is it because we truly are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that physical experience is rooted in remembering what our spiritual being already knows?  Or is it because we have been so programmed by societal pressures and dogmas that mediocrity is fine and we do not belive we can achieve something 'God-like'?

Another Thought:
War is is evil and isn't humane....I understand that you don't care about political correctness...but the tyranny of those in our war engines are not much better than the rest of the world.... Religions have killed in the name of religion for millenia...Christian, Judaic, Islamic....
In my short life I have met practicing peaceful Muslims that are millions of times more heaven ready than those in the tenets of my own faith.... I am bothered by those that are vocalizing retaliatory messages and rhetoric that is unbecoming of any God-fearing person..... Heck, from Father Abraham, and two blessings one of physical or patriarchal birthright and another of harem birthright, the associated blessings are so'll be interesting when all is sorted through to see who measured well against the standards they subscribe's a good thing, that the patience of Deity waits to execute judgment until it is ALL over....

Just starting!  Will return...

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