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Watching the winter Olympics. It's awesome to watch the spirit. To commemorate fallen competitors and also how 'crazy dangerous' things are. I can't stand Bob Costas sometimes, but he is arguably the best, however when paired with commentators from Monday Night football, the competition for him isn't great.

Some of the features and composed montages are good for once. Anyway. I am trying to find a way to be comfortable in our new environment. I am struggling to do so. It is interesting to note, I have not felt too comfortable since leaving something that was great. Anyway. An interesting opportunity has presented itself. One of the campuses I first interviewed at prior to going to the Yale Law School, Paul Smith's in the Adirondaks has the same opening I interviewed for in the past. I have grown immensely in my professional demeanor and decision making skills. I have participated, presented and lead projects, committees and other tasks since that last interview. The thing I am trying to decide is do I throw my materials in, do I just settle here and bide my time, or....

My philosophy in Higher Education is the pursuit in achieving the ability to provide the populations I serve (administrative, students, faculty), most certainly from the position I am in (Assoc. Registrar), to provide the opportunity for all populations to have the ability to exercise choice. Then, after the choice is freely exercised and chosen, teach them and allow them to accept the accountability of the natural consequences (good/bad) that are inherently connected and attached to the choice executed. Facilities of education are often prone to be the least able to accept the opportunity to learn and increase or further their educational experience. I work with individuals in higher education that are trained to be disciplined in their field of expertise and inevitably this mastery confuses or disallows these them to exercise the concept of transference across disciplines. Further, many in the administrative positions, then blind themselves and do not trust, nor allow their associated 'subject matter experts' to provide information that is vital to promote proper and wise decisions. I am toe-ing the line in my current position and my last position of potentially surrendering my philosophy to appease those whom I report too in order to save and preserve my responsibilities to my family. My wife and I would not like to lose the security that we have had during this economic failure in America. Time will tell of course.

We had the opportunity of watching to energetic children for some friends b/c in effect their natural mother made plans for Valentine's Day. We hope that we never put our little guy in that position. It was fun though to see 'not-so-little' Dennis enjoying the opportunity to have friends in our small little falling apart rental. Not to mention that the term 'immaculate' was the leading adjective describing and luring us into our current domicile. Dennis had great fun and enjoys being an entertainer and playing his Mariokart Wii and learning others to the fact that he expects to dominate them while 'gloating'. We are trying to teach him the philosophy, play to have fun and when you win, being gracious and building others up to have fun. It's a learning experience being the parent to this precious little fella that we have been ever so blessed to have stewardship over as his parents.

Watching the opening games last night of the Olympics brought back some fond memories of translating for the french teams during the 2002 Olympics in the Paralympics and Olympics. It also was wonderful to watch Mr. Atkins the producer and mastermind behind the production to destroy expectations and wow the world. It was also humbling to watch a fallen competitor revered through his tragedy. This event symbolizes what the human spirit can engage in yet we are often so blind as humans and choose evil although we disguise and hide behind the guise of dogma to believe that after the search of freedom committing dispicable actions are justified. It is just strong evidence to me to become even more committed to my convictions and be a doer more than just a hearer and sayer.

I miss the snow. I miss riding on it. I miss the experiences that have formed me. I miss hiking. I miss watching my wife's smile as Dennis wandered aimlessly up a trail although he had no concept of what he was doing. I miss the late night winds that were generated by the Black Smith Fork winds in Hyrum Utah. I miss being near my extended family. I miss the peace my wife and son had just a little over a year ago. shhhh!!!! a moment of honesty from me as I know my wife should be reading this soon.

Happy Valentine's Day hun. To my most favorite person in the world. To my friend, my number one fan and my wife/spouse/lover and mother of my child. you're the best and I have a hard time comparing to the house I bought for you in a recent past V-tines day. I love you as I did the day i asked for your hand in eternal marriage, and the night at 'center stage' at USU. I cannot get the 'Statesman' out of my head lately. I do love you. The greatest choice I have made to date, and it just keeps getting better despite some of our recent challenges.

ya. goodnight!


  1. Thanks hun. I do love you and it's nice to see some type of emotion come out of ya - even if it is in word (one of the best ways imo). I know what you miss and I miss all the same things. We just have to find a way back. A larger paycheck does not compare to the dirt under my feet in those mountains or the watching the water at Porcupine. It's the first place we really went together. We took Dennis there when he was 3 weeks old. He was there again and again - one night while we watched meteors and he slept in the car. I guess I can deal with renting again if it means a weekly hike or face plant in snow.

  2. Ok that was a test comment. I can finally leave a message. You guys will get there. Life throws some pretty mean curve balls & you learn just how strong you are & actually who you are & what you stand for. I wish now that I would've been more into the snow thing like you & Chris. I guess it's not too late what I wouldn't give for one of my boys to take to the snow & become super great at it. Time will only tell. Happy Valentine's day!!

  3. Thanks sis...time will tell...cheers!


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