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14 February 2010


So the dreaded VD! YEs I caught one, and had to break down and give in to peer pressure to satisfy the whims of my spouse. I love her to death, I just can't stand that like many women they place such importance on this holiday.

Anyway, finally church wasn't cancelled after the recent wave of 'Snowmageddon'. Well we had 65 people there in our branch and it was a testimony meeting b/c our Stake Conference was cancelled midweek due to weather. Wtc? I am so not impressed, but it is what it is. It is interesting though that we had so many folks come out. My wife and I were asked to grab a couple that has been committing to come to church for some 8-12 weeks now. It was nice to have them out so that we could watch the faces of the members of our congregation when we showed up with 3 more black people.

Anyway, watching the Olympics again. We love this event and time of year. It's always fun to watch the competitors and the world to come together in community as the competition comes together. Dennis was spinning around doing spin 360's as he emulated the figure skaters and the freestyle mogul sports. He was pretty darn good today. It was a long time for us as we were needing to transport people around and I had to accomplish my clerk duties. I was able to get all things completed prior to deadlines, and a remark was made so I clearly reminded them I had things done however we weren't having church so I could distribute documents.

Watching the Olympics, I miss the mountains. My wife keeps asking when am I going to start applying for positions in BC. Well we shall see what the future has. I had one of the search committee chairs contact me about a resume I put out. I sent the one I was updating prior to making the final corrections as I was trying to meet their timeline. I have submitted a response, but his questions were quite interesting. I have served on many search committees and quite often an error like that disqualifies an applicant. If that is the way it happens, no problem. What it does alert me to is that he pays attention and asks questions to clarify details. It also alerts me to the fact despite my short tenure at Yale and now at Longwood, that i am still in the running to be considered for positions.

In my heart of hearts, I would love to be back in the mountains and in fact back in Utah. Who knows what our future has but, it's nice to see that we still have options. To be honest, Farmville doesn't feel like home. I suspect that we are here to help others and to teach us more patience. I hope that we are doing a good job. I hope others are benefiting from whatever it is that we are bringing them. Asnyway, not much more to put into this post as it is now becoming repetitive to my other themes.

On a side. The commercials during the Olympics have been great. And i am glad that I do own an Audi. The new Audi spots have been great. Maybe one day in the future we will be able to continue our Audi ownership.


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  1. I don't think asking for a card or some kind act is placing a huge emphasis on the holiday. Also, don't act like there was peer pressure to go out that day as you said you were planning on going out later that day anyway.


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