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2017 - Week in Review - 22 Jan - 28 Jan

Snowpacalypse....Not really but 18 inches + and everyone is freaking out

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(Look for rollover links if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 1 - SWIM Pt 1SWIM Pt 2
Activity 2 - SPINNER
Activity 3 - Post SPIN Shakeout
Activity 1 - REST DAY
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 2 - SWIM
Activity 1 - SWIM
Activity 2 - SPINNER
Activity 3 - RUN Shakeout


Monday morning weigh in 198.3

Targeted Activity and Focus Points



Spinner at persistent 100 + RPMS with a few spinups and controlled BPM in HR.


Just keeping between Z2 and Z3 with some simple miles and shakeouts for simple bricks.


Getting more serious - meat free week

Weights and Strength

22 pushups 4 days and 2 days of knee excercises.

Interesting Reads and Links

Weekly Reflections and Focus

So this has been an interesting week.  With our 11 year old trying to determine who he is, life has been a bit erratic as it comes to training.  Increasing the valume to maintain between 6 - 10 hours a week now.  Less than 100 days to taper.  I am ramping up on time in the pool for simple periodizations.  My watch and I are at odds a bit but the volume is what matters most.

Swims have been quite solid.  I am a bilateral breathing swimmer now and am able to maintain pace generally under 2:00 per 100 yards.  I have seen a few 100 yard lengths come in around 1:38.  I am incorporating a little bit more lazy stroke following the Adam walking Ocean Crawl tehnique.  I have been focuesed on making sure my rotation at the hips is solid and happening consistently.  I am getting lost in rhythms and that has been interesting to see as I am able to freely breathe about 85% of the time very well.  So grateful I have learned how to finally breathe better and in a more correct fashion.

The spinner and I have been getting reacquainted.  I have not set up my bike trainer yet.  It has been quite cold.  My sets I have focused on hitting 100 + RPM's and been giving level 5 and 10 the most attention.  Moving forward i need to increas my times to go beyond an hour and need to find a way to do this without causing too much grief to Liz, Dennis and little juniper.  It has been interesting watching moany of the other participants at the gym.  Some of the folks I know, others I do not.  being a people watcher is interesting at gyms.  It's not the airport, nor the political fodder on Facebook, it is something different.  Most of the time not being plugged in nor using any music, I just disappear in the rhythm of the spin 10-12 minutes at a time.  At least it is not painful sitting in the awkward saddles, but i see that changing over time.  I think I will get back on the TDF (Tour De France) trainer so that I can get a better anatomical fit even though it won't be spot on.

My runs have been suffering if I look at pace, but from Saturday and my few out of the saddle to shakeouts, they have been solid.  I was able to maintain simple pace and be consistent in my runs.  Form is easy to get into.  Biomechanics are quite solid but I can tell that I am needing to get new shoes.  I am feeling it but as budgets go, time to juggle things around a bit.

Anyway - concerning balancefamilytri.  Life overall is truly great.  A lot of noise is occuring in the world today and a lot of folks are tuning into it.  In fact, Liz and I have a bit too and it's distracting.  To that end, it's time to re-center.  I wrote something in facebook connected to this photo:

I remember this moment...i am exiting t2 and starting to groove here. .i couldn't feel my feet after a 1.2mile swim and almost 57 miles on bike in grueling rain and wind... i still cut over 2 hours off my previous year's time in this madness. I post this hoping amidst the turmoil of today...hearts and minds can come together and not just imagine something greater but take action and become better ...in this moment, my father captured a bit of my discouragement, thats right a moment of not being positive, it allowed me to think about how i could have just stayed in the porta potty because i couldn't figure out my zipper and forgot about the simpleness of how to pee....anyway... negativity is a great tool if used as a proper measure. I had just completed something many pro triathletes and others couldn't complete on this day. I was en route to completing 13.1 miles that destroyed me the previous year. I remember telling myself, look strong for the camera and my family...this freaking sucks...but i have to be ready for more suck and pain for the next 7 miles, it turned out being 8 due to the course change....but point is...without knowing the opposite of the reward, i wouldn't appreciate the reward. Sick of this pro positivity, and if your are negative i am cutting you loose stuff... i may not listen to your message but i still value you as a human and appreciate your friendship...thru fb i have been able to reconnect and observe old friends acquaintances and some i ignored and seen many beautiful triumphs and nasty trials. The integrity witnessed has given me hope, hope that this current nightmare we are witnessing will pass...this current night terror will be but a moment. The problem with disruptors and wreckers is it will take a long time to rebuild. One thing is clear about the human spirit, its ability to adapt, perservere and overcome. If that makes me believe in unicorns that fart rainbows. So be it. Thanks to Liz Livingston for allowing me to rekindle a fire inside...may it never go out.... i am a rebel, always have been, i have tried to conform but i always Rise Above (black flag). And now i continue to reach for the sky (SxDx)....yup a glimpse....

A triathlon acquaintance shared this the other day. I understand this very well.... empathy is very misunderstood....as the fruits of the world tend to demonstrate these days.
Anyway, overall a solid week of training.  I was at 5 + hours if I include my strength stuff - pushups and knee excercises.  That being said, as I begin to rampu up run volume to make up for swim and cycling deficiencies.  I feel that things are in a good place and starting to take off well.  Here we go!  I will be signing up the 2nd week of march and prior to the 'no name' cut off on March 18th I think it is.

Weekly Pics

It's still in there....

This is too good

Genius wife the chef


from garage

fullest i have seen this section of roof


hobbit snow hholes

snow boulevard....3 ft high...perspectives

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