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10 August 2016

2016 - August 01 - August 07 Week In Review

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(I don't always provide links, so, please copy and paste if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 2 - SWIM


Monday morning weigh in 193.1
Saturday post activity weigh in 191.1
Sunday Morning weigh in 191.3

Targeted Activity and Focus Points





Weights and Strength

Weekly Reflections and Focus

I felt the need to circle back and write a bit better on this week's follow up.  This week for me I upp'ed the mileage as I changed focus.  Motivation is a big part of success in any equation.  In the fitness and health sector it is no different.  I have been in the post event blues from my A event this year even though I have participated in half a dozen events since. I was listening to my favorite podcast source - Endurance planet - Episode click here.  During the podcast, Tawnee Prazak Gibson and her now husband were interviewed by Coach Lucho.  Now this guy, Lucho, he's operating under a pseudonym.  This guy is classic cool.  Now I am not a fan of all the pejoratives at times, but his attitude is awesome to me.  He balances Tawnee very well and they take on cool topics that are very up front in my mind.  I know in a lot of ways that I may never take an Age Group at an Ironman Branded event, but I know I can push limits for me and I can eventually break into the top 25 - 50 for my age group, and that is outstanding considering where I let myself drift.

My runs this week I have switched from performance focus to MAF.  Now, it is slow, and it is for a good reason.  but I am cheating a bit using Lucho oriented concepts I hear him talk about.  The initial gains are very evident but you will hear more about those next week.

So what is MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) ?  A quick tour of Phil Mafetone's website helps give one a glimpse. I mean he coached Mark Allen, the original Mr. Ironman for years.  He is a doctor and an enthusiast for endurance sports, and trying to get athletes who may be fit, but not necessarily healthy to the right place.

So listening to another endurance planet podcast , Dr Mafetone stated something that resonated with me.  He stated, the reason for MAF is to build up the foundation of aerobic health, if the slow twitch muscle fabric hasn't been built, it doesn't know what to do.  Burnout is then the only option.

Well, that did it for me.  So off to identifying my magic Heart rate number.  It's just a number.  so here is what I did.  The 180 formula.

180 minus my current age (42) = 138.  Then add 5 b/c of my current health and fitness = 143.  Then listening to Lucho, I add another 15 beats because my current bpm max is approx 186 bpm. So 138 + 15 = 153

So I yield 153 beats per minute or less and my target range is 145 - 160 bpm.  Most of my runs are averaging 159, and I am downgrading a bit.  At time of this writing, I ran a kick trash performance run on Tuesday night - look for it in next weeks post :)

So the cool thing, is as I am slowing down, I am paying more attention to structure and form.  I am feeling the bio-mechanics of my body and the small things I need to work on.  I am quite mindful of my breathing and also it is helping me not take it out to fast and warm up during my active run.  I feel better in two weeks than I have for a bit while running.

Now its time to get back into nutrition.  Liz has already begun using the Forks over Knives cookbook and Veganomicon as a base to our recipes for food.  During my travels, I concentrate on plant based whole foods meals - my company funds a daily trip to whole foods where it is available.  I eat a pita or laffa falafel in NYC at Golan Heights and made some good shop friends in the process.

Anyway, last thing.  I was running just off the shoulder this week, and I was reminded that folks in cars are sometimes unaware of just how close they get to us.  I was running opposite of traffice with no sidewalk and no shoulder on a decently traveled farm road.  I was about 4 -6 inches into the soft shoulder when a sherrif truck rolled by, so close I had to duck to miss his window.  I maintained eye contact - well he had sunglasses on- the whole time.  This is the same dude that has almost clipped me 2-3 time on my bike on Old Mendon road.  It was a time I wish I had my camera rolling with me so I could have evidence of the occasion and the evidence of just how close it was.  not to mention the fact that i was in High-visibility clothing and in the correct space for fully lighted conditions.  It's a reminder to me, that as an outdoor enthusiast, the need to be mindful and that I am not invincible or wholly protected just b/c I am being active and fit.  Similar as a driver, I need to watch for those as well and provide ample space and respect and expect the unexpected some time.  Unfortunately last Sunday at IM Boulder 140.6, a rider swerved right into a vehicle off course - unclear as to why) but it happens.  I feel 3 feet is a good start, but runners, walkers, riders etc, should be treated as vehicles because life is far more important than my supposed timeline.  Not willing to sacrifice the impacts associated with a mistake there.  I am sure I rub folks raw when I take a whole 360 approach at the road respect topic.  It is too shallow to just say hey you on the opposite side of the scenario, it's you not me.  I take the approach, it is all of us, and education and learning, coaching and mentoring won't happen if it is packaged wrong.  I live in both worlds and neither is exempt from the need to improve.

Wow, it was a good week.  MAF run's really paid off the following week, until next week, enjoy some of the pictures below.  Check out the links above and tell them where you came from if they ask, even if I am just a middle of the pack age grouper :).  Cheers!

Weekly Pics

someday this guy may catch me, until then, shadow games....

darn stats, no really, this is pretty good

i'll sit right here chasing camera

chasing form

chasing form

chasing form

glam before the pre-flight run, new head gear

Juniper is a stubborn resistance of sleep

reflections, beard is growing

pre-flight - bye bye daddy

family time pre-flght

Pre-flight run - wellsvilles over the shoulder

Pre-flight run

I felt this appropriate

The new head gear has arrived, and Juniper in arms

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