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12 June 2016

2016 - June 06 - June 12 - Week in Review

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(I don't always provide links, so, please copy and paste if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - RUN
Activity 1 - SICK
Activity 1 - Walk
Activity 1 - SICK
Activity 1 - RESTED
Activity 1 - Drop 13 Half Marathon


Monday morning weigh in 190.9
Saturday post activity weigh in 190.1
Sunday Morning weigh in 189.4

Targeted Activity and Focus Points

I need to get some pool time in.  Did not swim


Trying not to die. Drop 13 write up below.  Mindful running.  I was really pleased with what I did in drop 13.  Could have gone faster, but played it well and paced a good buddy, Kenny.

NOt good, not bad.  time to re-focus.

Weights and Strength

Weekly Reflections and Focus

This was a rough week. I had a sick day in NYC.  My allergies and I woke up with my throat touching in places I didn't know it was limber enough to touch.  At least I was able to do a semi-solid Monday night run.  I got out fromt he Park on Wednesday and walked the Hudson River.  I think I will incorporate that into my run and loop back through the park.  I took a few pictures and those will be below.  

While it was a rough week, I didn't waste things.  I got a lot of Vega sport protein at Whole foods in packs.  Also, at ok and not indulging too much.  It's time to get back to focus though even without an event.

One of our local running group friends posted an offer for a free entry into the Drop 13 race in SLC.  Ignoring that i was under the weather, I asked about it and took the opportunity.  I handed over my info to the trusted friend that then set things up.  Or so we thought.  In the end I ran it and the report is below:

DROP 13 Write Up

Wake up - 2:20 AM.  Got things gathered and ready, Kade texted me.  I went out jumped in and we drove down.  Kade is volunteering so it worked out and we were able to carpool.  I notice I talk more when I am tired.  I must have been annoying.  Oh well.  We got down and showed up at the parking lot at approx 4:15 AM.  So, midweek a running group friend Keisha let me in on a Bib offer.  It was free and I said why not.  I wasn't sure of the details if it was a xfer or a free entry or what, so I had passed my info to her and waited for an email.  never came.  So Saturday morning, I find someone that looks like he'd have info, turned out to be a bus driver.  The dude was worthless, thought I had stepped into the twilight zone in NYC - this is not an Ironman event.  So moving on, found the check in table and they weren't too sure what to do.  They sad get on the bus, so I didn't get a bib nor a race bag.  In the end I got an empty drop bag, but I kept my bright yellow nike shirt and bottle with me.  No bag needed.

Went to jump on bus, but was about 15 back for the last bus, was approx 4:25 AM.  In front of the 4:30 AM cut off warning.  So we waited for 45 minutes.  in the meanwhile I texted a few friends via fb and reached out to Keisha.

Bus comes.  I board.  No single serving friend today, its ok I need the rest.  Funny and ironic, that my phone has service all the way up the canyon.  Not focusing on the fact I don't have a bib.

Hey' there's Kenny.  I figure if all else fails and I don't get a bib, I will pace him to sub 2 hours, a goal for him.

I find the RD at the start line, said he had a bib down there for me, again not the focus, but the volunteers didn't know what to do with my situation, but said get on the bus.

So, Joe is a good guy, says oh main.  I said 'Look, I just didn't want to run rogue'.  Thanks for your honesty - Shane, just run on watch time, I can update if you wish'.  And so started the race.

I had located Kenny, told him I would stick with him and did.  We set out following the 2 hour pacer, just behind and warming him up.  At mile two, Kenny and I are just chatting and cruising.  Things are good, pass the first support station and just keep on footing.  Mile 4, I had to pee.  since I wasn't 'bibbed' told Kenny to stay on it and I would catch him no later than mile 6.  4 people line, love the accessibility of my castelli tri kit.  Jumped out and cruised toward Kenny.  I caught him right at mile 6.  I ran a 7:36 mile to catch up.  Man that was a lotta pee.

We just keep cruising and chatting.  Conversations were all over and then Kenny started to feel the down grades.  we talked through a few things about form and cadence and breathing and other things.   Kenny is doing great, he said he was feeling good and making sure not to out run himself like Snow Canyon.  Not paying attention I was speeding him up a bit, but not too fast.  This course is beautiful...It started at Solitude and goes down the canyon on the road.  Passing all the stuff I normally go by heading up to Brighton to snowboard.  Was great to run Guardsman Pass, see some of the places we used to jump over the highway at while skiing and snowboarding - years ago in a different life.  

Mile 10 came and we started moving a bit more, looks like a sub 1 hour 55 minutes will be in our future.  About mile 12, Kenny and I split up as we passed runners and I just went after it a bit.  i guess I lost about 2 minutes or so in line at the porta loo, and b/c I was off bib, I only counted moving time. I ran ahead and finished and Kenny wasn't too far behind - 15 to 20 second drift.

My time - 1:52:21
Kenny's time -  01:56:03

Word on the street is they gave clock time starts not chip across the starting line start times.  Folks are a bit twerked about that in the local running groups I have participation in.

Overall, I felt good during the race.  it was good to have a small segment to catch Kenny and push a bit after the pee.  It was a beautiful race and the course was outstanding.  13.1 miles while descending right at 3000 ft vertical drop is no joke.  As I write my hip abductor, glutes and Achilles are sore.

Medals I earned.  Finisher medal, 13 lbs dropped medal (from 215 to 190) and 13 minutes off my Half PR (from 2:16:32).  It was fun albeit sleep deprived and bummed about the bib transfer mishap.  so it goes.  It wzs good to run disciplined.  I told Liz, I am not a talker but it was great to be with Kenny and chat and run.  He's a great guy, and I enjoyed playing Goose for Maverick.  

Event Captures
Medals - 3

NERC Runners

Maverick - Kenny and Goose - Shane

Weekly Pics

Thanks to Roxie for this motivational meme.

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