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22 May 2016

2016 - May 22 - Just inserting a post during my break

From the Author - T2 Run out - 70.3 IM St George May 7, 2016

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(if you are Strava stalking me - links below :) )

Activity 1 - Run
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 - Run
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 - Swim
Activity 2 - Run

Weekly Reflections and Focus
Hey folks.  I decided to take a break from major events after my 'A' race this week. I do have an event upcoming next weekend Details here.

This week was ok and I got in two Central Park runs and then on Saturday I was able to get a swim and a run in. I was sans goals and just getting back into things after my dedicated training sessions. Recovery was a bit off, since we traveled from 70.3 IM St George directly to Zions Ragnar Trails right after, then I had to get back to travel.

I need to get back on point with my nutrition. Liz, my wife, is frustrated as she is trying to return back to activities also. She is trying to re-discover what activity will be for her post Juniper and during our journey into seeing if we can be able to have a 3rd.

In a conversation, she suggested that I sign up for Vikingman 70.3 just outside Burley, Idaho. She is my loving wife and is falling into the madness of all things triathlon too. The timing of this non-ironman event will be interesting. I need to look at the Race info and determine if this is a Summer adventure or not. Swimming in a soft current in the river sounds great, but I need to look at the swim guidelines etc (wetsuit eligible etc). I also want to know the bike course. I suspect the run to be straight forward.

An instagram buddy of mine who rides the same brand bike as I do is wanting to get a ride in, and we shall see if we can make that work. A Ride around Wellsvilles (RAW) would be a great ride. His IG handle is @jaxxtri140.6 and he chronicles his Ironman and triathlon journey using Instagram. His IG presence is quite good and watching his journey through photo is great motivation and the comments from various folks is quite real and refreshingly motivating.

Anyway, Liz and Dennis and Juniper and I are settling back into the mundane - Dad Travels Monday through Friday routine for awhile. We are doing well, but it is also time to catch up on tasks and needs around the house and support folks in our neighborhood and church congregation and extended family.

Back to the grind. The euphoria of a great A event is wearing thin. Back to reality, back to nutrition focus, and goals. I need to break the 185 lbs barrier and determine my focus to achieve 170 lbs. It's about to get real again.

Some weekly pix:

Added the 70.3 decal
Sitting in DC+ from a Chair in the air - JFK to SLC
Awkward low cam angle selfie with Juniper
Back to saturday swim session - my sanctuary
JFK parking lot, pre-flight
Logan canyon from Dump back road

made it home and Juniper is out like a rock....

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