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30 May 2016

2016 - May 23 - May 29 - Week in Review

Activities - Strava Logs (Shane's Strava link)

(not linked as URLS on purpose, please copy and paste if you are Strava stalking me :) )

Activity 1 - 
Activity 1 -
Activity 1 -
Duathlon -
Run 1 - First Run
Cycling - Cycling 18 miles
Run 2 - Second run
Official Results Link - Check out Shane Livingston in the Wellsville Duathlon 2016 Results 


Monday morning weigh in 189 
Saturday post activity weigh in 189.5
Sunday Morning weigh in 190.5

Targeted Activity and Focus Points


No swims this week


The only bike this week was during the duathlon and I think I did well to maintain a 20 mph pace.


My Central park runs in new york were ok.  I ran well on Monday and then my Wednesday I blasted out the first 3 miles then fartleked the rest just at or above MAF.

No meat this week on the road except for a pita Schwarma from Golan Heights.  Kept to Whole foods and Golan heights this week mainly.


N/A - 2 nights of knee exercises.

Weekly Reflections and Focus

There isn't much to write.  I have slipped a bit from focused attention toward my Half Ironman in St George as it was my 'A' event.  I participated in a local Duathlon, where I ended up being 18 overall out of 60 participants.  The 1st run felt good, although I toned it back a bit.  I really went after it on the bike and this is where I made up significant ground.  There were two dinks on the course, one being a large grey diesel truck in Mendon.  There was a moment when I thought that Jesse Dunn may have been at risk and i signaled to the driver to hold and wait for him to pass (Jesse was 1st place overall).  The driver then went on to 'roll' his exhaust for about .25 miles up hill next to about 10-15 riders.  Most of whom I passed prior to the turn around.  The last run I slipped a bit, and I took an extra minute in transition switching out of my jersey and just keeping on my tri kit.  You know what?  I love my kit.  I fell like Castelli just understands me.

Anyway, it's been a low key week.  A lot of catching up with local workers and colleagues and making sure I don't slip into old habits.  It's time to re-focus.  it's time to concentrate on nutrition.  It's time to re-center and build life balance.  Liz and I and family have been trying to concentrate on our family unit.  Hopefully i pays off, as I feel that Dennis is still struggling with our family dynamic that has changed since Juniper arrived.

This is my short and sweet weekly update.  Cheers!

Some pix from the week:
Chillin at Columbus circle post Central park run.

Fuel - Egg mash mixup

Morning rays at first opening of the garage.  was chilly

Don't let the beauty fool you.  Head winds are there...

From the cockpit.... aka "Fikeshot"

Just above Hyrum Dam looking at the Wellsville Mountains...

Baxter Hollow and Mt Sterling here I come

Juniper was read for a nap after my duathlon.  zzzz...

My wife had just made her annoying spectator remark.  I asked for her prompt removal to the RD....

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