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15 March 2014

Just a thought


Are you freaking kidding me? Swift / Flood water rescue is hard enough, and doing Dive Rescue in those types of waters is even worse, and I am speaking from personal experience. This is So So WRONG!

Some initial comments: FB01 Im so sick of this crap. Deport his ass and send his attorney with him.

FB02 All I can say is next time "Catch and Release!"

Shane Livingston well, maybe he had an insurance clause that if some 3rd party took him out or natural disaster, then his family would have been taken care a legal sense that is injury...I don't agree at all, but maybe it was this poor soul's angle...

FB04 This can't be legit...

FB05 Should not be represented if you are illegal. This country is so backwards. That attorney should be ashamed of himself. They are the largest part of our problem.

FB05 Throw him back?

What I want to post:

I can't stand idly by and not say this (all respect to any point of view) -- all things aside, what a poor way to view a human....and many Americans cried foul and were pissed at Socchi during the winter Olympics....Hi Kettle, meet teapot....yes I am a humble and grateful citizen of our Republic with democratic ideals, however, for a country founded on religious freedom, outcasts and immigrants looking for a better life, we have definitely come full circle in many ways....this is why I don't identify with political doctrines, rather, I hope to treat and engender each human at least as my equal and hope to provide them with more hope than before they encountered me....fwiw...sorry Christian, not trying to hijack...just putting a pov out there.....i travel way too much and see a lot of diversity in humanity, and stupid is just stupid...I don't think this fellas argument holds weight or passes an form of reasonability, it just pains me to see humans treat humans as worthless and vile.....

I just had to say something!

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