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unfortunately it is indicative of the consequences of poor choices in the human experience....for some reason we cannot seem to come together to understand, regardless of opinion, philosophy or status that we have plenty of resources to care for the human family....i do not reason that we have to shoot for equality in a first step (for I believe our choices and accountability should be our own), but for sure we can at a minimum care for a few unalienable rights for any human - food, shelter and the same goes for pets....the economies, let's be honest - it's monopoly, he with the resources makes the rules, however, how senseless a model is that....sure we have polarity in any model that is exercised, but resilient as we are as humans, we oft times forget to be something even higher than what we esteem to be our lowest.....mediocrity is a standard we threw away during the baby boomer generation..... Just a random thought that rolled out of my mind in response to a fb friend showing a picture from an article showing a cocker spaniel abandoned and found in a trash bag....I mean really, this is the best we can come up with....this is pathetic....we have to rise above an beyond this poor station.... To some degree, I think we need to separate ourselves from the bourgeoisie minded government model, and identify something more humanistic in principle that is based on something greater than money, property and status.... ya, i know, idealistically speaking not achievable in the realms of reality.....

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